Motivational Music for Working Out with Cancer

Motivational music for exercising with cancer.  Mommy Standard Time.
4 Playlists for Exercising During Cancer Treatment.  Mommy Standard Time
Motivational music for fighting cancer

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4 Motivational Playlists for Exercising Through Cancer Treatment

I’ve mentioned before that I live my life to a soundtrack, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I have several different cancer-related playlists on my phone now.  When my radiation oncologist emphasized the need for me to exercise throughout my cancer journey, I realized that I would need some help in the music department.  So I started hunting for the perfect motivational music.

It turns out that there are tons of lists online for motivational music, but I found the same songs listed over and over.

These same few songs just didn’t work for me.  

They would have a nice enough chorus (“I’m a Survivor”, anyone??) but the theme of the song was more about a break-up than fighting cancer.  I needed music that spoke to me from the moment I stepped on the treadmill until I walked out of the gym.  After a lot of searching, I compiled the perfect playlist for me.

Here is what my cancer workout music looks like:

Cancer-Killing Cardio

I start on the treadmill.  Getting myself moving when I’m sore from surgery or nauseous from chemo has been quite a task some days.  I have found that upbeat music with powerful messages (and a touch of anger in some cases) is just what I need to show cancer who’s boss.  

Disclaimer:  There is one song (The Fighter) that has some mild cursing.

  • “Unstoppable” by Sia – I’m unstoppable.  I’m a Porsche with no brakes.  I’m invincible. Yeah, I win every single game.

Cancer Killing Cardio – Part Two

There are days when I go for walks instead of the treadmill and I (shocker!) find it easier to get moving. On these days I am filled with gratitude for the health and life that I DO have rather than grumpiness at cancer.  So, depending on my mood, I might prefer a different playlist:

Fake It Till You Make It

After I get off the treadmill, I usually head over to the weight machines.  No big deal?  Think again.  I am not a very strong person to begin with, so I am not overly confident on weight machines.  Add that to the fact that I am feeling less than glamorous with my post-mastectomy flat chest and bald head.  No bueno.  I feel weak, exposed, and unfeminine so I need a little oomph to get me through this portion of my workout as well.  I have found that music dripping with confidence rubs off a little bit (or at the very least makes me smile while I’m working out).  Fake it till you make it, my friends!  Here’s how I do it:

Cooling Down

After I’ve worked out my anger on the treadmill and boosted my confidence on the weights, it’s time to cool down.  This is where I have my last little shot in the arm of motivational tunes:

Almost 100% of the songs I have shared with you today can be streamed for free on Amazon Music (which is free with Amazon Prime).  I have been able to create different playlists to keep my music choices organized and easy to find.  Give it a try, I know you’ll love it!  {Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial}

What songs motivate you to get up and moving?  I’m always looking for more suggestions!  Leave me a note in the comments below.  

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