Child Clothing Organization for Small Spaces

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Help Your Kids Get Dressed with Less Stress - Small Space Update

Remember when I shared with you my secret to mornings without clothing drama? (If you don’t, you can read about it here.) Well, I had to make some changes to my system.

When we sold our home in December, right around the time of my diagnosis, we put our plans to move out of town on hold. Instead, we moved into the basement of my parents’ home. A quick side note: You will never, EVER hear me complain (or even joke!) about our living situation; it has been such a blessing to us during a very difficult time for our family. So when I describe our living quarters (like I am about to do now), please know that I am being matter-of-fact and am in no way complaining.

Our little family of five shares a closet, so there just isn’t room for the cubbies on which I have grown to depend.  I knew that I had to find another solution, but I knew my options were limited because every inch of space in our living quarters was being utilized.

I decided to try a rolling garment rack. I knew it would hold the cubbies no problem, but the trick would be to find somewhere for it to land. Since it could be easily moved, I decided to roll it in front of the door to the furnace closet; since that space is only accessed once or twice a month, blocking the door wasn’t an issue.

door to furnace closet - child clothing organization

As spring activities got underway, I realized that the kids had too many uniform pieces for one cubby each (like I had previously been using). So I bought a third organizer for all of the various uniforms, dance leotards, etc. Now everything the kids need for the week is in one place and it is one less thing for me to worry about in the mornings.

child clothing organization using clothing rack

Some other benefits of this new set-up (in addition to all of the other benefits of using cubbies):

  • Since I fold laundry on the bed right next to this garment rack, it has been so easy to fill the cubbies as I fold. I might be tempted to do something similar to this in the laundry room of our new place (whenever that time comes)!
  • The kiddos share one dresser, so using the cubbies has freed up much-needed space in their drawers.
  • There is space on the bottom of the clothing rack, so I put a small laundry basket on the rack for all of the kids’ shoes. It has been nice to have one landing spot for kid shoes and it saves much-needed room in our closet as well. I am on the hunt for two containers that would fit in the same spot, so The Professor and Mini-Me can each have their own basket.

basket of shoes on child clothing organizer

We have barely-organized chaos in our living quarters most of the time these days, it just goes with the territory of housing five people in a small space.  But no matter what, we fill those cubbies every week without fail because it helps our mornings go SO MUCH more smoothly.

So I would love to know:  Do you organize your kids’ clothes for the week?  If so, do you think it saves time and/or sanity? Let me know if the comments below!