About Me and My Family

Welcome to our little time zone!

My name is Stephanie. After working for 8 years as a special education teacher, I am currently taking a leave of absence to spend more time with my family.  I am a slightly time-obsessed woman who is struggling to find the balance between maintaining my love for punctuality and my reality of living in Mommy Standard Time.  I also struggle to keep my time obsession in check and often remind myself to breathe and savor these short years of raising children.  I decided to start a blog to document my quest for balance and I hope that the things I share will be useful to others.

When I find time for hobbies (another struggle that I have), I love reading, crafting, playing the piano, and spending time outdoors.

I am married to Mr. Blue Eyes.  My best buddy and partner in crime.  He is a hardworking, farm-raised dream boat who balances out my eccentricities with his ever-so-calm demeanor.

dad hiking with child

Our oldest child, who I will refer to as “The Professor”, is a spunky nine-year-old who loves to learn about the world around him.  He devours books and loves to talk science with anyone who will listen.  He is a friendly little mister who amazes me every day.

boy at beach mommy standard time

Next we have six-year-old “Mini-Me”.  Don’t worry…I’m not deliberately raising my daughter to be just like me.  (She is way more rad than I ever was.)  When I call her Mini-Me, I am literally referring to the fact that she looks exactly like I did as a child.  Yes, she has inherited quite a few non-physical characteristics from me as well, but Mini-Me is definitely, 100%, her own unique (and wonderful!) person.  She loves to sing, dance, read, and draw.

girl hiking through water

Our youngest child, Ladybug, could really be called Mini-Mini-Me. (The genetics are strong in our time zone!)  Ladybug is a little ray of sunshine who is living toddlerhood to its fullest and she definitely keeps us on our toes. She sings all day long and she also loves dogs, books, and eating.

baby feet and hands in sand

The pseudonyms and oddly-cropped photos are my effort to keep my family’s identity somewhat guarded on this blog.  I know that most of my early readers will be those who know our family well.  However, that might change in the future and I want my (grown) children to be able to determine how and when they develop their own online presence.  To those who know us personally, thank you for supporting my efforts to guard my family’s identity.