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You might be wondering: What is “Mommy Standard Time”??

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There is a long-standing joke that people who are often late are running on their own “standard time”.  Once I started having kids and began arriving at places just in the nick of time (or often late), my previously-punctual self realized that I was now in my own version of “standard time”.

MOMMY Standard Time.

Once I thought I had the hang of how early I needed to leave the house in order to account for lost shoes, diaper blowouts, and runaway dogs, we would (out of nowhere) have absolutely no glitches in the getaway from our house  and we would arrive at our destination with 30 extra minutes and three kids to entertain.

Mommy Standard Time is completely unpredictable and different for every mom.

Yes, I am frequently running late, but that’s not the only characteristic of the time zone that I currently call home.

In Mommy Standard Time, it is possible for moments (or whole days!) to drag on and on while the weeks and months pass by in a blur.  I have also found that in Mommy Standard Time, there is a delicate balance between the routine tasks of running a household and the unscripted moments that can too often pass by without my notice.  In the eleven years that I have been a parent, I have been working hard to maintain this balance so that I am available for the unexpected cuddle from an otherwise-independent eight year-old, to see a newly-walking baby discovering her shadow for the first time, and to hear the sound of giggles when the kids discover a new perfect spot for hide-and-seek.

Father and Daughter on a HikeI have found that the key to having time to savor is in saving time on everyday household tasks.  It is my goal to pass on these time-saving tips and tricks with my readers.

So whether you are working on ways to save minutes or savor moments, I hope you enjoy your visit to Mommy Standard Time!