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Do you like to come up with bucket lists during your kids’ breaks from school? Or maybe one for each season of the year? Are you looking for a bucket list alternative because you hate the idea of one more to-do list?

If bucket lists are your thing (or maybe even if they’re not) you will love this fun twist on the traditional bucket list of family fun!

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If you spend any time on Pinterest, chances are that you have seen all sorts of bucket lists: Summer Bucket List…Christmas Break Bucket List….Spring Break Bucket List…you get the idea. You may have even seen books like this one on Amazon:

I love bucket lists for several reasons (but I also dislike them for several reasons). Let’s start with the positives:

  • Peek Into Your Kids’ Hearts – The main reason that I love bucket lists is that they let me peek into the hearts of my kids and hear what they really want to do with our time as a family. Sometimes I am shocked by the simplicity of the ideas that they’re genuinely excited about.
  • Inspiration & Motivation – Sometimes, when boredom strikes, we tend to fall back on our familiar activities that we do all the time. By having a bucket list handy, it can serve as inspiration when we’re looking for something to do. It can also provide a kick in the pants to get up and out, if that’s something you struggle with (this was true for me when we did our bucket list during the summer I was going through cancer treatment).
  • Save Money – By focusing your attention on the bucket list items, you can often save money. Instead of spending money on an outing that the kids didn’t really want to do, you might save some money in the long run by sticking to the priorities from the bucket list.

Now we’ve talked about why I love bucket lists….now it’s time for what I don’t like about them:

  • Incomplete List Letdown – If you hang around here very often, you will know that I struggle with perfectionist tendencies. Bucket lists can be a dangerous thing for someone like me! At the end of the summer, for example, I might look at the bucket list and see all of the things that we DIDN’T get to, rather than the things that we DID do. I know that’s not the healthiest viewpoint, but there it is. Just keeping it real.
  • List Length – Sometimes getting ideas from your kids can be like pulling teeth, or it could be the complete opposite: Your list is so long that you can’t possibly accomplish all of it. Either way, it is often difficult to come up with a bucket list of an appropriate length.
  • Pre-Made Lists – Struggling with ideas or needing to narrow down ideas is is often why we turn to the cute lists on Pinterest for inspiration. The reason this is on the “con” list for me is that my whole reason for doing bucket lists is to peek into the hearts of my own kids…not those of another family.

I’ve also heard other “cons” for bucket lists with which I don’t necessarily agree. For example, some people feel like bucket lists are just another way that we keep our over-scheduled kids from enjoying free play.

I disagree.

Our family uses bucket lists for fun (not for every break from school, but at least once a year) and our kids are far from over-scheduled. They have PLENTY of time to enjoy traditional, unplugged free time.

With all of these things in mind, I wanted to share with you a fun alternative to the traditional bucket list: Bucket List Bingo.

Bucket List Bingo Sheet

It is just as it sounds: You write your family’s bucket list onto a Bingo card and you can celebrate throughout the season/break as you complete five activities in a row (BINGO!).

It really is that simple.

But if your family struggles with inspiration for activities, I made a Bingo card with categories in each of the squares to help get the ideas flowing. {Click here} to print it off…no email address required! (It is slightly different than the one pictured. I made one specific for summer, which is what is pictured. The printable one {here} can be used in place of ANY bucket list!)

BUT….if you’re interested in some cute bucket list bingo sheets that are a little more colorful and seasonal, check out my TOTALLY FREE Four Seasons Bucket List Bingo bundle in my new resource library! Just click below…

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Alrighty…once you have your sheet printed off, it’s time to figure out how you want to use it! You can use this Bucket List Bingo sheet in two ways:


One way that you could use this sheet is to fill it out at the beginning of the season/break and color in the chart as you complete the activities. This is more of a traditional “bucket list.”

Coloring In Bucket List Bingo

We did it this way last summer and the kids loved to strategize which activity we should do next to optimize their chances at a Bingo (we had a special summer treat with each Bingo).

Even though we only got to about half of the items on our Bingo sheet, the kids didn’t feel the “incomplete list letdown” because we celebrated completed Bingos throughout the summer.


If you’re not a huge fan of bucket lists, you can just put this blank page on the fridge and fill it in with activities as you do them.

So, after a fun day of spring break fun, you could sit down and see if any of your activities fit into the squares. This would be almost like a journal for your family!

Also, the categories could still serve as inspiration for something to do on a slow day, without feeling “stifled” by a list telling you exactly what to do (if that’s one of your hang-ups with bucket lists).

So there you have it! I hope that you give this bucket list alternative a try during your kids’ next break from school. (Quick note: I left the list black and white because some of the fun is being able to color in or decorate each box as you complete an activity. )

If you use this Bucket List Bingo sheet at your house, be sure to come back and let me know how your family enjoyed it!

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