How to organize drawers with window blinds
how to make drawer dividers using leftover blinds - Mommy Standard Time
how to tidy cluttered drawers with window blinds.  Mommy Standard Time

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how to tidy cluttered drawers with window blinds - Mommy Standard Time

Are you looking for a way to make FREE drawer dividers? Look no further than your window! It is super easy to make drawer dividers from repurposed faux wood blinds. You don’t even need to use (real) tools!

In our new-to-us home, the master bedroom had faux wood blinds on the window. I also noticed that the previous owners had never shortened the blinds.

Stack of white faux wood window blind slats

If you’ve ever shortened blinds, you know that in no time at all you have this somewhat-overwhelming stack of lovely white faux-wood strips. If you’re anything like me, you feel bad for throwing them away, but you come up dry when it comes to thinking of any actual USE for them.

The other day, as I realized that I had procrastinated long enough, I decided to shorten the blinds. In that same morning, I had been fumbling around in the kids’ bathroom, looking for a hair tie in their ONE very-cluttered drawer. (Yes! My hair has grown back enough for a HAIR TIE!)

Anyway…I remember that I muttered to myself about needing a different solution for this one lonely drawer because the two baskets we had smushed into it CLEARLY weren’t working.

cluttered bathroom drawer, before drawer organizers

With that frustration fresh in my mind, I was working on shortening the blinds in my bedroom. As I removed the first slat from the blinds, I noticed that it would be the perfect height for a drawer divider in the kids’ bathroom.


My brain continued to mull this idea over as I finished the task at hand. By the time I was finished shortening the blinds, I was ready to put my vision into action.

It worked like a charm!

Seriously…I don’t think I’ve been this excited about something since I discovered how to program my TV remote to replace the remote for my FireTV stick.

In fact, I was SO excited with how things turned out, that I wanted to share it with you ASAP! Here is the step-by step process:


First of all, gather your supplies:

  • Faux wood blind slats (one average-length slat can organize one small drawer)
  • Kitchen shears, or some other set of strong and sharp scissors (I used these shears)
  • Extra fine point permanent marker (I’m a Sharpie girl)
  • Ruler (and/or measuring tape if you’re precise like that)


STEP ONE: The first step is to remove the drawer completely from the cabinet and clean it out.

line drawn on faux wood blinds for making drawer divider

STEP TWO: Next, if you want to be precise about things, you can use a measuring tape to measure the length of the drawer. I just carefully lined it up, made marks with a Sharpie, and then extended the line with a ruler. (Start with the longest dimension, that way if you mess up on your cut, you can still use the slat for the shorter side.)

cutting faux wood blinds with kitchen shears

STEP THREE: Now it’s time to cut your blinds. Here’s the beauty of the faux-wood blinds. You can totally cut these with scissors! Granted, they need to be beefy scissors (I use these kitchen shears and they work like a charm), but you don’t need a saw for this project.

checking the fit of the first slat

STEP FOUR: Check the fit of the first slat. If you need to trim it you can easily do that with the shears. Just be careful to trim only tiny bits at a time. You want a snug fit!

STEP FIVE: Repeat the process going the other direction (removing your first slat while you test the fit of your cuts).

STEP SIX: Now, for what you might view as the trickiest part…intersecting the two dividers.

Put the long divider back in the drawer and then use the longest object that you store in the drawer as a measurement for where you want the horizontal piece (for us, it was the kids’ toothbrushes). Mark this point on the vertical slat first and then remove it from the drawer.

ruler with markings

STEP SEVEN: If you’re anything like me, your eyes start to glaze over when people start listing measurements. Stay with me! You’re going to pull out a ruler (if you want) and make two marks to help create a notch. Line up a ruler notch with the mark you made (it doesn’t matter what it is…I used a half inch line) and then make a mark on each side, using the 1/16 mark. ( I didn’t draw full lines for my notch, but you can extend each of the two marks for the notch halfway up the slat.) . The picture above gives you an idea of the measurements I made.

cutting blind slats for drawer divider

STEP EIGHT: Cut halfway up the blinds just inside each mark. You will be left with this curly little piece of vinyl where the notch should be. Just pull it off. It might break off without pulling all of the material from the notch you’ve cut. If it’s stubborn, you can push it with the tip of your shears.

marking intersect point with Sharpie

STEP NINE: When you’re happy with your cut, replace the slat in the drawer. Then line up your horizontal piece and mark where they will intersect. If you want to get really fancy, you can just put the slat into the notch you’ve cut and mark your next cuts. (You’ll notice I did this backwards…this was my first drawer. I refined the process the second time around.)

STEP TEN: Repeat the process of cutting the notch. Then put the two divider pieces together and check the fit. (You might need to make the notches a little deeper.) . Once the two slats fit together nicely, you’re finished!

finished drawer organizer

Then it’s time to sit back and admire your work!


Note #1 – Are you bummed because you don’t have any faux wood blinds in your house? Or have you already shortened your blinds and discarded the excess? No worries! I have some ideas for you.

  • Check with a Habitat for Humanity ReStore in your area. They often have used blinds. You could also explain your situation and they MIGHT have some extra slats sitting around so that you don’t have to buy a full set.
  • If your area has a chapter of the Buy Nothing Project, put your request out there. Chances are that someone has a stack of these slats in their garage.
  • Check with your friends and family. Offer to help them shorten their blinds in exchange for being able to take the excess off their hands.

Note #2 – If these are lighter-use drawers and you have cut the slats to a snug fit, they should hold up just fine to normal use. If you’re worried about them shifting around, I have seen on other blogs where people will put cable clips {like these} into drawers to help hold their wooden drawer organizers in place (you will have to cut some additional length off your slats). I’m assuming this could add some extra support for organizers made from window blinds as well, but I haven’t tried it.

Note #3 – Our blinds are the premium blinds from Home Depot. They only have small holes for the pull strings instead of the slits. Also, they are 2 1/2″ wide (deep, as drawer dividers) instead of the 2″ of most blinds. I think 2″ blinds would still work like a charm, and you could cut strategically to avoid the slits in the blinds.

Note #4 – For larger drawers, you just repeat the steps for however many slats and intersections you need. Just go in the longer direction first and then measure for the other direction.

I hope this tutorial helps! Really, guys, it is a piece of cake. Explaining something always makes it sound more complicated than it really is. I have been going around my house, organizing ALL of the things, just because it is such a quick process.

Kitchen drawer organized with window blinds

No drawer is safe!

Are you interested in making your own drawer dividers? I hope you’ll come back and let me know if this method worked for you!

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