Chicken Salad Croissants

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chicken salad croissant

Sometimes it’s just too hot to cook.  Even in an air conditioned house.  When we were menu planning this week, nothing really sounded good.  Does that happen to you when you get too hot?  When it happens to me, I often turn to one of my favorite easy meals…chicken salad croissants.

This recipe is so simple…it’s just like whipping up a tuna sandwich, but BETTER (because tuna’s not my thing).  I really don’t have a set recipe for you to follow since I wing it every time, but here’s the main idea.

chicken salad ingredients

Place the canned chicken in a bowl and add your desired quantities and proportions of green onion, chopped celery, and halved purple grapes.  I make chicken salad with three 12-ounce cans of chicken (we have a lot of mouths to feed!), so I need to add a lot of crunch.  This is what my bowl looks like…

mixing chicken salad with spoon

Once you have the right chicken-to-crunch ratio for your liking, start adding mayo.  I add about one heaping tablespoon per can of chicken.  The mixture will still be slightly dry at this point and that’s okay; there is one more step.

chicken salad

The final step is to add ranch dressing (again, about one tablespoon per can of chicken) until the mixture is to your liking.  Then I would recommend letting it chill a little bit before serving.

chicken salad croissant

Serving it on a croissant dresses it up a bit and makes it feel more like dinner food and less like picnic food (to me, at least).  But there really is no need for a croissant; this chicken salad is also delicious on bread, with crackers (these are my absolute favorite), or even on gluten free tortillas (which is how I normally eat chicken salad).

What is YOUR favorite meal on a hot summer evening?  Leave me a comment below!