Beating Breast Cancer – Weekly Update #22

beating breast cancer as a thirty-something - weekly update 22

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and have decided to blog about my journey.  If you need to catch up on my story, please check out this page for the chronological list of posts.

I have officially started the downhill slope of Taxol, with round 7 of 12.

After all of the hubbub surrounding my chemo days, I was switched back to my original schedule where I go up to the cancer center on Monday and I do the labs, appointment, and chemo all in one visit.  I really do prefer this way because I only have one “cancer center day” most weeks.  My chemo went well.  I didn’t have any head spinning and I only fell asleep for a portion of the appointment.  The nurse asked me what I had planned for the rest of the day and I told her about my usual routine – I head back home, where my parents have kept Ladybug awake for me, and I take a nap with the baby.  BUT….when my appointment was over and I hopped in the van with my parents, Ladybug was asleep in her car seat.  So I didn’t get to sleep off the rest of my Benadryl by napping with Ladybug like I normally do.  Oh, well. The rest of the day passed and I was excited to finally get to sleep.

I fell asleep with no problem, but then I woke up at 1:30am as if it were morning.  There was NO getting back to sleep.  I eventually gave in and went upstairs, had some cereal (to keep from getting nauseous), and read a book.  I finally felt tired enough to go back to bed at about 5:00 and got about 30 minutes of sleep before the kiddos started waking up.  Part of my insomnia time-killing was looking up which aspects of my chemo routine could be causing this sleeplessness (it happened last week also).  My best guess is the dose of IV steroid that I get at each chemo appointment, but I’m not sure.  I really hope that it doesn’t happen this next round.

injured fingernail

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful.  I added a little bit of color to one of my brown fingernails by smashing my finger in between two large rocks while fixing a retaining wall.  I think I am now destined to lose this fingernail.

I am starting to feel more bogged down.  I guess that would be the right term…It is really hard to explain what your body feels like as it is being poisoned with chemo.  Even though Taxol is much easier than the AC chemo, there is a cumulative effect in having so many weekly doses and I am definitely starting to feel it.  I have been getting nauseous but I have been able to avoid taking nausea meds so far.

bald cancer patient with peach fuzz

Want to hear some good news?  My hair is starting to grow, ever so slightly.  I have white peach fuzz!  Because it is growing SOOOOOOOOOOO slowly, I will have peach fuzz for a while but I have to start somewhere, right?!  I’m assuming the white peach fuzz will turn brown as it gets longer.  (Knock on wood)

So there you have it – – another week down!

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