Wise Words – Sunset Wishes

Like our shadows, our wishes lengthen as our sun declines.  Edward Young quote.

There is so much truth in this quote.

Here we are, in the “sunset” of summer vacation.  Normally, I tend to get all worked up about all of the things that I wanted to accomplish during the summer and my “wishes lengthen”.  Not so much this year.

My approach to our summer bucket list this year has really helped me change my August perspective.  I’m not focusing nearly as much on all of the things we have left to do; instead I’m grateful for the things we’ve been able to accomplish and experience.  I’m committed to enjoying these last few weeks of summer, just as I would savor a sunset.  If that means a lot more fun activities from our bucket list – great!  If that turns out to be lazy afternoons in the backyard – that’s great, too!

What’s on your wish list for these last few weeks of summer?