Wise Words – Delay

You may delay, but time will not. - Benjamin Franklin

In honor of Kid Inventors’ Day, I thought my Wise Words Wednesday quote should come from none other than Benjamin Franklin.  Did you know that he was a kid inventor?  He designed the first swim flippers (worn on the hands) at age 11!  Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Today’s quote also ties in with a blog post that I plan on sharing tomorrow.  I’ve been thinking a lot about time since getting sick.  Every treatment decision that I made was based on my desire for more time.  More life.

As much as we want to hold on to time, it just keeps ticking away.  Whether we’re sick, grumpy, happy, or bored, time moves at a constant pace whether we feel it or not. I have been trying really hard to stop “delaying” aspects of my life – especially the important ones – because my life is happening NOW.  Not tomorrow.  Not “when I have more money”.  Not “when the kids are grown”.  Not “when the chores are done”.


This is a drive that I didn’t have before I got sick.  When you’re thirty-something, you have this idea that there is plenty of time left.  It was a huge wake-up call for me to stand face-to-face with my own mortality.  And now, even though I am finished with treatment, I continue to have reminders that life is precious, no matter how much or how little time we have.  I am currently facing another eye-opener as I watch a loved one face her own mortality, after a long, full, and happy life. I want to be able to look back on my life (whenever the time comes for me to do so), and know that it wasn’t one long “delay”.  I want to take comfort in the fact that I used the time I was given, just like my dear loved one.

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