Great Children’s Books for the Fourth of July

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great children's books for the fourth of july

One of my favorite ways to savor time is to snuggle up with one (or more) of my kids and read a story together.

When The Professor was just a baby, I got in the habit of checking out a basket full of seasonal books from the library.  We love to read about upcoming holidays!  Over time, we have added to our own collection of seasonal books and have a little tote for each major holiday.  Today, I thought I would share with you some fun children’s books for the Fourth of July (the pictures and links will take you to Amazon, where you can read reviews and additional descriptions).

Fourth of July Mice is a fun book that is perfect for very young readers and listeners.  Light on words, big on colorful illustrations!

Red, White, and Boom! is another book that is great for younger kiddos.  The illustrations are attention-grabbing and the simple rhymes are fun for little ears.

Although I haven’t read The Night Before the Fourth of July quite yet, our family has loved all of the other books that we’ve read in the “Night Before…” series.  This book has great reviews on Amazon, so I’m sure it will be no exception.

What would happen if Yankee Doodle DIDN’T want to ride into town?  You can find out in Crankee Doodle! As an added bonus, you can also read about why Yankee Doodle called his hat “macaroni” in the song.  This is a clever little book that got quite a few giggles from my kiddos….because Crankee Doodle is REALLY cranky!

F is for Flag is a great book to read with preschool and elementary-age kiddos.  It provides basic information about the flag and its history, along with cute illustrations.

This is another book that we have not read yet, but our experience with this series has been positive.  Based on that fact, along with the reviews on Amazon, I think that God Bless Our Country will be a great patriotic read for the Fourth of July.

I absolutely LOVE this book.  These are the types of books that I loved as a child; the ones with so much going on in the illustrations that you see something new each time.  America: A Patriotic Primer is a book that the kiddos will return to again and again.

I will always have a soft spot for the Puppy Place series.  It got us through that transition time with The Professor, when his reading level said it was time for chapter books, but his interest level was still mostly in picture books. This series is comparable to Magic Tree House (which my kids were never interested in, unfortunately).  Anyway, Liberty is the story of a puppy who loses her owners after getting spooked by the fireworks.  A fun read for the Fourth of July.

The final book that I will share with you today is for the non-fiction fans.  The Explosive Story of Fireworks! is an informative read with fun facts and vibrant illustrations.  It walks you through the history of fireworks, from bamboo reeds to the Fourth of July.

So that’s my list.  I hope this gives you some ideas for fun books to read with your kiddos next week.

Do you have a favorite book for the Fourth of July?  Let me know in the comments below.