Sometimes getting your child excited about something can be as simple as the presentation. Your kiddo doesn’t like broccoli? Try making a face with broccoli hair! Your daughter doesn’t like taking baths? Add bubbles! We do this ALL the time in parenting, so it just makes sense to give it a try with chore charts. These sports-themed printable chore charts might be the ticket to get your child just a little more willing to do chores! (It’s worth a try, right?)

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First of all, if you’re still on the fence about chore charts or you think I’m crazy for having my kids do chores (yes, that’s an opinion that has been expressed about me), then I suggest you take a quick look at this post. This is an article where I address seven common myths about allowance and share more of my personal philosophy about chores.

But if you’re all set to get started with chore charts and are interested in some free printables, then keep scrolling!

Do you have an Olympics-loving child in your family? The “My Favorite Sport” printable chore chart bundle is completely free and it features the following sports:

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Track
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Softball

All of these sports are included in one download, so that you can have them all in one spot. Just be sure to specify the page you want when printing so that you don’t waste a bunch of ink!

These chore charts have a section for morning and afternoon chores, with five chores in each section (ten chores a day). This makes the math easy in our household, as we pay ten cents per chore.

At the end of the week, we pay our kiddos with $4 in one-dollar bills and $1 in quarters, so that they can easily put two quarters aside for tithing and two quarters aside for saving.

If you’re not sure you can shell out five bucks per kid per week, it can easily be cut in half at a nickel per chore! Give them their weekly allowance with two bucks and two quarters, with one quarter for tithing and one quarter for savings (if that’s something you encourage in your household).

OR do a penny per chore and pay in dimes at the end of the week! There are many ways that you can make this affordable while keeping it simple.

If you would like to hear more about the specifics of our No-Fuss Chore Chart and Allowance system, check it out here.

But I know it’s not as simple as just printing off a sports-themed piece of paper!

In order to have a chore system that runs on auto-pilot, there are a few more things that you’ll want to consider. That’s why I’ve written a FREE quick-start guide to getting a chore system set up for success! This includes over FORTY daily chore ideas that are perfect for filling in the No-Fuss Chore Chart.

Creating a chore system? Save time with this totally free quick-start guide!

The printable sports themed chore charts AND this quick start guide can be found in my FREE Printable Resource Library. Just head over here and sign up for the password.

If you find success with this chore system, I’d love to hear about it! Just leave me a comment below. 🙂