10 Time-Saving Recipe Storage Ideas

Do you feel like you spend more time hunting down recipes than actually preparing them? When it’s time to meal plan, are you overwhelmed by crumpled printouts, recipe cards, and cookbooks? I’m going to share some recipe storage ideas that will help you streamline your meal planning!

10 Recipe Storage Ideas

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Why You Need Recipe Storage

There are many reasons why you might want to find a new favorite way to keep your recipes organized:

  • Keep Family Favorites Handy: Even though you might have those tried-and-true recipes memorized by now, it’s a great idea to have them all in one place.
  • Consolidate Loose Recipes: It’s always worth it to cut down on the paper clutter!
  • Organize New Recipes: Keep track of recipes that you want to try, so you don’t forget to add them to the meal plan.
  • Save Storage Space: Whether your cookbook collection is creating a jam-packed kitchen cabinet or you just want your open shelving to look a bit more tidy, a recipe organization system can help you save precious kitchen space.
  • Share with Family Members: If you seem to be the go-to contact for family recipes, it’s always helpful to have them organized and ready to share.

Everyone is different, so there’s no one “right” answer when it comes to the best way to keep recipes organized. However, I’m going to share ten recipe storage ideas to help you keep the recipes for your favorite meals at your fingertips.

10 Recipe Storage Ideas

1. Recipe Binder

Is your cookbook shelf overwhelmed by a stack of recipes that you’ve printed off or photocopied over the years? A DIY recipe binder is a great way to organize this paper clutter! Just slip each recipe into a sheet protector to create an organized binder system for your recipes.

A recipe binder, colorful divider tabs, and a recipe in a sheet protector sit on a table.

All you need is a big binder, plastic sleeves, tab dividers, and a little time! You can even purchase special page protectors to hold recipe cards or half-sheet recipes. If you’d prefer to skip the sheet protectors, you could just hole-punch the recipes and slip them into the binder. 

2. Recipe Box

A traditional recipe box is a classic for a reason! There’s nothing like sifting through your old family recipes in a wood recipe box.

Once you’ve transferred your favorite family recipes to index cards, you can file them away and have them at your fingertips. Recipe cards can be propped up anywhere for easy access while cooking. It also makes it easy to delegate recipes to any kitchen helpers you might have. This cuts down on the cookbook-sharing chaos when you’re working on a big holiday meal!

3. Recipe Book

If you’d rather not have loose cards, a recipe book is another great option. Similar to a recipe box, you will need to write out your favorite recipes on blank book pages.

A recipe binder open on a table with a pen

Then, you can file the pages into the appropriate divided sections. This type of recipe keeper is easy to grab and go, plus it sits up nicely in a cookbook holder so you can cook hands-free. 

4. Recipe Journal

If you like to adjust recipes and make notes as you go, a recipe journal is a great option! Whether it’s a hard-copy journal that’s designed for that purpose or a blank notebook that you customize yourself, having a recipe journal is the perfect place to document your culinary creations and modifications. You can also set up a table of contents for your recipe pages so they’re easier to find. 

5. Personal Cookbook

Do you find yourself reaching for the same recipes over and over? Do you have friends and family who ask for your tried-and-true holiday recipes every year without fail? Maybe it’s time to put together a personal cookbook that you can keep for yourself and gift to others! There are many different options online for creating your own cookbook.

6. Pinterest Boards

If you frequently turn to Pinterest for meal inspiration, you might consider creating a storage solution right on Pinterest! You can organize your Pinterest boards to make your favorite meal ideas easier to find. 

The first way to stay organized is to keep your boards organized by title. If your boards are organized by name, just put the same symbol or letter at the beginning of all of your recipe boards so they stay together. (Title them all with “Recipes” as the first word or start each board title with an asterisk.) You could also do a custom sort and manually group all of your recipe boards together.

A Pinterest board with recipe pins has been organized with sections at the top for Beef and Chicken

The other way to keep your recipes more organized on Pinterest is by adding sections to your boards. Open up your board, then click on the “organize” button above the pins. You can select related pins (like all of your chicken recipes) and then click on the folder button to create a separate “Chicken” section for those pins. The next time you open your board for main dishes, you’ll have the pins organized by protein. This can drastically cut down on your scrolling time!

7. Social Media

You don’t need to share new recipes to your own timeline or stories to keep recipes saved on social media anymore. Many of your favorite social networks now have a “Collections” feature for saved posts. You can even collaborate with friends!

​8. Your Photos

Did you know that your phone’s camera can be a great recipe storage resource? You probably already have a whole bunch of screenshots from recipe websites in your camera roll already!

The iPhone’s search feature in the Photos app can actually search the text on your photos. This makes it easy to find the picture of Grandma’s chocolate chip cookie recipe card that you snapped at Christmas last year without having to waste time scrolling. Talk about a game changer! If you want to take this feature even further, you can create albums on your phone to organize the recipe images. 

A phone with a variety of photos in an album called "Recipes to Try"

9. Digital Recipe Storage

Many digital organization tools can help you keep your recipe collection organized. For example, you could use Google Keep’s web clipper to save recipes that you come across online. You can also type in your own recipes to have digital copies saved to Google Keep. A great perk to using Google Keep is that you can set up a meal-planning calendar using the reminder feature! In addition to Google keep, there are many other digital recipe keepers available online to help you keep your favorite recipes organized. Many popular recipe websites even allow you to sign in to save and organize the recipes you like.

10. Meal Planning Apps

My personal favorite method of recipe storage is to use a meal-planning app. You’re able to have all of your recipes organized and available to you whenever you need them. If you’re at the grocery store and decide to change your meal plan based on a sale, you can quickly look up the recipe from the meal planning app on your phone. The best meal planning apps let you add your own recipes as well as import recipes that you find online. 

Woman holding paper copy of Plan to Eat shopping list

The best part about using a meal-planning app for your recipe storage is that you can also create your shopping list as you map out your recipes for the week! My favorite meal planner is Plan to Eat, which will consolidate all of the ingredients from the recipes I want to cook that week. The result is a streamlined shopping list and a whole lot of saved time! I’ve written an entire review of Plan to Eat, if you want to check it out.

One of the best things about Plan to Eat is that it’s inexpensive and they give you a completely no-obligation free trial. You don’t even have to input your credit card information! Just click here or below if you’d like to check it out for free today. (Thanks for using my referral link to tell them I sent you! I may receive compensation for referring you to their app.)

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

Save These Recipe Storage Ideas

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10 Recipe Storage Ideas

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