Meal Plan with Food Holidays

Are you looking for some meal planning inspiration? Today I want to tell you how celebrating random food holidays can be a major meal-planning time saver!

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In 2018, after fighting breast cancer the previous year, I was on a quest to celebrate literally every day of the year.

So we did.

Morse Code Day. National Dolphin Day. National Polka Dot Day.

What I discovered was that I often had snacks or entire meals that centered around that random holiday.

When it was time to meal plan for the week, I spent very little time thumbing through cookbooks and scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration; my mind was already swimming with ideas!

All from silly little holidays.

I thought that this could be a fun meal planning time saver to have on hand, so I decided to compile a list of food-specific holidays to which I could refer any time I was feeling uninspired in the meal planning department.

Any time that I create a time saver for myself, I want to share it with all of YOU! So today I’m sharing my food holiday printable with you.

Here are the top three reasons why I think this printable can save you precious time:


Having a cheat sheet of food holidays handy will keep you from having to look them up online.

Yes, Google is fast, but how often do you look something up online WITHOUT getting distracted by something else?

(“Taking a quiz to discover what kind of breakfast food I am is KIND of like meal planning…right?”)

Save yourself some time and have this list of food holidays printed off and tucked away with your meal planning supplies.


I don’t know about you, but my food memory is not the best. I will often eat something delicious but totally forget about it, especially if it used ingredients that I don’t often have around the house.

Scanning a list of food holidays can quickly jog your memory of awesome dishes that might not be front-and-center in your recipe book.


This is the biggest meal planning time waster for me. When I have too MANY options, it can be hard for me to make a decision.

But seeing that January 4th is National Spaghetti Day?


Decision is made.

Now that you’ve seen how it can save you precious minutes, here are a few more things I wanted to tell you about this handy little sheet:

  • This printable was created to be a single page, printed on both sides. I wanted it to be something that you could print off and keep in your day planner or recipe book for easy access.
  • I didn’t include alcohol-related holidays because I don’t drink.
  • I didn’t always list every food holiday on a given day. I tried my best to use actual meal holidays first. Then ingredients. Then sweets.
  • Occasionally, I listed a non-food holiday because I thought it could inspire fun recipes. (Green eggs and ham on Dr. Seuss Day, anyone?)
  • There are also MONTHLY food holidays, so I listed those on days that were lacking a specific food holiday.
  • To save space, I didn’t write “International _______ Day” or “_________ Appreciation Day.” The only exception is when it’s a monthly holiday. I figured that the food was the main focus. However, this also means that some ingredients are listed more than once (for example, if there is an INTERNATIONAL and NATIONAL day).

So there you have it! An entire year of food holidays that you can use to save time when you’re meal planning. Click here to download the printable.

If you would rather have the holidays and recipes all compiled for you, then this book would definitely be a great option! It has 365 food holidays with a corresponding recipe. Love it!!

If you find my little printable helpful, please leave me a comment below! I’d also love to hear from those of you who have tried the Foodimentary book.

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