40+ Daily Tasks That are Perfect for Chore Charts - Grab the FREE Guide - Mommy Standard Time
40+ Daily Tasks that are Perfect for Chore Charts - Mommy Standard Time

So you’ve scoured Pinterest and found what you think will be the PERFECT chore system for your household.

Now what??

Coming up with the perfect daily tasks to fill a chore chart can actually be more difficult than one might think.

If your chore chart is anything like mine, your child will be expected to complete chores every day. It is much less confusing (for everyone involved) if they are doing the SAME chores EVERY day, rather than bouncing around from day to day.

two chore charts hanging on refrigerator

Using the same daily tasks is also powerful in helping your child build a routine. When these tasks are routine, the chore charts basically run on auto-pilot! I rarely have to remind my kids about their chores because they have become so routine.

Even better, as your kids grow and become pros at the chores on their charts, you can swap them out for different chores (while still expecting them to complete the routine tasks that USED to be on their charts).

For example, “make bed” might be on your child’s chore chart for a while, but as he grows you might swap it out for something more substantial. Does that mean you no longer expect him to make his bed? Nope! It just means that the chore chart did its job in establishing that routine and now your child is ready for more. This is a natural way for a chore system to grow with your child, and it’s the reason our family has been able to use the EXACT SAME chore system for over three years.

But in order to get your chore chart to run on auto-pilot and grow with your child, you need simple daily tasks to fill up that blank chore chart of yours!

And I’m here to help!

I’ve created a quick-start guide to help you create a chore system that WORKS. It’s completely free and, in addition to the three magic words to help you create an awesome chore system, it includes an entire page of more than FORTY tasks that are perfect for daily chore charts.

As we all know, the purpose of this blog is to save time, so I’m not going to ramble on about how much I think you should read this guide. (Although, I REALLY think this quick read is definitely worth your time!). I’m just gonna leave the link right here and let you go check it out…

Creating a chore system? Save time with this totally free quick-start guide!

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Spoiler alert: I WILL!

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So, again, here’s the link to my free chore system guide…download it, read it, try out the tips, and let me know what you think! I love hearing from readers.

🙂 Stephanie