Beating Breast Cancer – Weekly Update, 10-8-2017

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and have decided to blog about my journey.  If you need to catch up on my story, please check out this page for the chronological list of posts.

Beating Breast Cancer as a Thirty Something

Well, this week FLEW by in a flurry of Cancerpalooza preparations (more on that in a second).

This week brought my post-oophorectomy checkup with my OB/GYN.  She checked out my incisions and said that things look really good.  You can barely notice the two small ones near my pelvic bone, where the tools were inserted during surgery.  The incision in my belly button is still healing up, but the doctor was optimistic that the scar shouldn’t be too noticeable.  We talked about how I’ve been feeling physically.  I have been feeling pretty much back to normal, but I do get a little bit of a warning from my midsection when I’m overdoing it.

Then she asked me if I have noticed any of my menopausal symptoms changing since the surgery.  Overall, my hot flash frequency and intensity has stayed the same.  I mentioned my irritability and how I seem to be way more “on edge” lately.  She asked me if I felt like it was impacting my relationships and I told her that, so far, I have been able to rein it in.  She told me to keep my medical providers posted if my symptoms get worse over time so that they can talk with me about treatment options.  (Hashtag “There’s a pill for that.”)

singing at cancerpalooza

My checkup was on Tuesday and the rest of the week passed in a blur.  Next thing I knew, I was taking the stage for Cancerpalooza.    I know I promised a bunch of pictures, but I really think that Cancerpalooza deserves its own post.  So, be watching for that post this week.

After we got back from the celebration, our sick little Ladybug (who had been running a fever all day and had a raspy little voice) was just getting worse and worse.  She would cough, which would make her cry a pitiful little raspy cry until she had trouble breathing.  SO….we took the little miss to the hospital at midnight to see what help we could get for her.  Before we left, I packed a little bag with snacks and other essentials for spending hours in the emergency department because I figured there would be a lot of activity up there on a Saturday night.

Boy, was I wrong (fortunately).

They took us back as soon as we got there, I got to cuddle on the hospital bed a little over half an hour with my exhausted little miss and then we headed home (after a dose of steroids and discharge instructions for croup).

I have a few cancer-related appointments coming up this next week, including two things I haven’t done before.  I am also LEGIT flying solo for the week, since my parents are going on vacation and Mr. Blue Eyes is living out of town in order to work at his new location. It is so weird to think that just a few short months ago, I was relying on my family for so much of my day-to-day existence and it felt like that chapter would never end.  Now I’m preparing to be single-handedly running the show around here.  Day. And. Night.

I think I’m ready, but I guess only time will tell.  🙂

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