Taking a Break

I have found that in the quest for balancing my time, one of my weaknesses is acknowledging when there isn’t enough time to do everything. 
In the next 12 days, I will be preparing for The Professor’s birthday (it’s an important task to make a December birthday boy feel special), finishing Christmas to-do’s, packing almost all of our belongings into storage, and moving out of our home. 

As I was thinking about the dauntingly-limited number of days before me, I realized that if I had any hope of savoring some of this season with my family, I needed to let something go. So….I have decided to take a holiday break from the blog. ?

You might see a previously-written-and-scheduled post sneak in here and there, but things will be quieter around my page until the end of the month. I will be ringing in 2017 by sharing with you my HUGE goal for the new year as well as starting a countdown to an epic giveaway! 

See you soon!!

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