Summer Bucket List 2017

summer bucket list 2017

When you are a task-oriented checklist writer with perfectionist tendencies, a summer bucket list can be a dangerous thing. When you are having chemo at the same time, a summer bucket list can be especially dangerous.

I tend to look at a bucket list as a checklist – – success is in checking things off. On the other hand, NOT finishing something on the list is a personal failure. I know, I know…not the healthiest viewpoint. My perspective has changed, though. Now I feel like a bucket list is really just a source of inspiration – – what do my kids REALLY want to do with their summer?

This summer I have decided to share our bucket list with you. I will be sharing pictures of what we accomplish and, yes, crossing things off. (No matter how my perspective has changed, you can’t give me a list and expect me to NOT cross things off.  I just can’t help myself.)

If you ask my kids, they will tell you that this is our bucket list. If you ask me, I will tell you something different. I don’t normally use this term, but to me this list is known as the “Cancer Can Suck It List” instead of “Bucket List”. With every item that we complete, I am showing cancer who’s boss. I know that I’m going to feel crummy for a good chunk of the summer, but I want to make memories with my kids anyway. In your face, cancer.

So without further ado, here is our list:

1. Family Bike Ride

2. Make Slime

3. Go to a Museum

4. Go Swimming at the Public Pool

5. Visit All of Our Town’s Public Parks in One Day

6. Photo Scavenger Hunt

7. Water Balloon Fight

8. Make Homemade Ice Cream

9. Have a Backyard Campout

10. Go to the Movies

11. Go Ice Blocking

12. Do a Science Experiment

13. Outdoor Movie Night

14. Go on a Hike

15. Ice Skating

16. Make Jam

17. Create and Bury a Time Capsule

18. Make a Fort

19. Go to the Beach

20. Fly a Kite

21. Go to the Zoo

22. Go Camping

23. Ride a River, Lake, or Creek

24. Take a Tour

25. Have a Family Read-Aloud

26. Go Bowling

27. Have a Good Old-Fashioned Picnic

28. Help Someone

29. Movie Series Marathon

30. Active Game Night (Tag, etc.)

So now I need to know…does your family do a summer bucket list?  What fun stuff do you have planned for the summer?  Leave me a comment below!

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