Summer Bucket List 2017 – Update #6

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summer bucket list 2017

This summer I have decided to share our family’s bucket list (and progress) with you.  We might get around to everything on this list.  We might not.  All I know is that with each thing that our family is able to check off this list, we are showing cancer who’s boss (hence my unofficial title for our summer bucket list – – the “Cancer Can Suck It” list).  Click here to check out our other Summer Bucket List 2017 posts!

I am starting to get into the rhythm of having radiation everyday, so we have been able to work in some summer fun around my treatments.


the professor with telescope at playground This was a fun morning!  Mr. Blue Eyes’ day off was on a BEAUTIFUL day with a cool morning, so we decided at the last minute to do our park marathon that day.

mini me at playground

Our town has six official public parks, and we visited all of them in a few hours.  We learned a few new things, like one of the parks has off-leash dog hours early in the morning, so the entire park is now fenced and gated.  We were there outside of the off-leash hours, but it was nice to not stress about Ladybug running into the street.

ladybug at playground


I decided to keep things simple with our outdoor movie night.  Since TVs nowadays weigh like zero pounds, I just took the TV from our bedroom onto the deck rather than deal with a projector and screen.  I didn’t even have to move a DVD player since we have an Amazon Fire TV Stick plugged into the back of the TV.

mini-me at outdoor movie nightAfter eating our pizza dinner out on the deck, the big kids and Mr. Blue Eyes watched Mr. Magoo together.  Ladybug and I stayed outside long enough to eat dinner and snap a few pictures, then I took her inside for her bedtime.  No summer bucket list activity is worth a cranky, sleep-deprived toddler the next morning.  Except maybe Disneyland.

the professor with pizza at outdoor movie night


My younger brother is a serious bowler.  He goes to all sorts of tournaments (including USBC nationals).  He has even bowled two 299 games. So it only made sense that if we weren’t able to fit bowling into one of Mr. Blue Eyes’ days off, we should go with my brother.  Bowling is actually more of a time commitment for us than you might think; we don’t have a bowling alley in our town, so we drive about 25 minutes to get our bowling fix. It was nice to have my brother ride along.  Ladybug stayed home with my parents to finish her nap.

the professor bowling

Overall, we had a good time.  The Professor was cranky at first because I forgot to ask for the bumpers, so there were a few gutter balls before I realized what we were missing.  He perked up by the second game, when he had a fresh start with no gutter balls.

mini me bowling

Mini-Me enjoyed herself.  You know it’s going to be a long game of bowling when your daughter’s ball speed allows her time to sit down and watch her ball approach the pins.  Haha!

bowling shoes

I didn’t even break 100 in my first game, but I rallied and beat my brother for the second game.  Yes, little brother.  I made it public. Boo-yah! (I guess we’ll see if he actually reads my blog.)

So here we are with about two weeks left before school starts and we have 11 items left on our bucket list.  It will be interesting to see what this list looks like by the end of the summer:

1. Family Bike Ride

2. Make Slime {Read about it here}

3. Go to a Museum{Read about it here}

4. Go Swimming at the Public Pool{Read about it here}

5. Visit All of Our Town’s Public Parks in One Day

6. Photo Scavenger Hunt  {Read about it here}

7. Water Balloon Fight {Read about it here}

8. Make Homemade Ice Cream {Read about it here}

9. Have a Backyard Campout {Read about it here}

10. Go to the Movies {Read about it here}

11. Go Ice Blocking

12. Do a Science Experiment

13. Outdoor Movie Night

14. Go on a Hike {Read about it here}

15. Ice Skating

16. Make Jam {Read about it here}

17. Create and Bury a Time Capsule

18. Make a Fort (our little trampoline tent/fort might count…I’ll see if we come up with anything better later on this summer.)

19. Go to the Beach {Read about it here}

20. Fly a Kite {Read about it here}

21. Go to the Zoo

22. Go Camping  {Read about it here}

23. Ride a River, Lake, or Creek {Read about it here}

24. Take a Tour

25. Have a Family Read-Aloud

26. Go Bowling

27. Have a Good Old-Fashioned Picnic

28. Help Someone {Read about it here}

29. Movie Series Marathon {Read about it here}

30. Active Game Night (Tag, etc.)

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  1. We have been crossing off our summer list like crazy too. Can’t believe we are almost out of time already!!! Love your idea of hitting all the parks in one day. I might have to steal that one for next summer.

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