Summer Bucket List 2017 – Update #5

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summer bucket list 2017

This summer I have decided to share our family’s bucket list (and progress) with you.  We might get around to everything on this list.  We might not.  All I know is that with each thing that our family is able to check off this list, we are showing cancer who’s boss (hence my unofficial title for our summer bucket list – – the “Cancer Can Suck It” list).  Click here to check out our other Summer Bucket List 2017 posts!

Since I was tied to town for my radiation appointments (AND it was so dang hot around here), we didn’t make a ton of headway on our summer bucket list since the last update.  We DID take care of two things, one being a pretty substantial item on our list.


Like I said a few times last week, it was pretty warm in our neck of the woods.  I just couldn’t bring myself to drive anywhere or hang out in the sun too much.  So on the hottest day of the week, I decided it was the perfect day for our movie series marathon.The kids decided on the “Air Buddies” series, which has seven movies.  I couldn’t bring myself to sign off on that much screen time in one day, so I let Mini-Me and The Professor each pick two movies from the series.  Before we got started (and before it got too hot outside), we went to the store and picked out a few snacks.  When we got home, the kids got their blankets and pillows and hopped onto my bed (in the coolest room of the house) for the marathon.

eating swedish fish during movie marathon

Never underestimate the power of bending a few “house rules” in creating memories.  The kids were THRILLED to be able to have so much screen time in one day, to eat candy in the morning, AND to lounge and eat in their parents’ bed.  It was one of the simplest items on our summer bucket list, but it was one of the most exciting items for the kids.


Mr. Blue Eyes had a schedule change at work, leaving him with Saturday off (a rare treat).  So at the last minute we decided to take a day trip to the Oregon coast.  We spent Friday night with Mr. Blue Eyes’ sister, who lives about halfway between us and the coast, to take a little driving time off our main day of travel on Saturday.

We decided to go to Seaside, which we knew was a bit of a gamble during peak season.  Mr. Blue Eyes and I honeymooned there, so it is one of our favorite places on the Oregon coast.  PLUS, it is one of the coastal towns closest to where we live, which makes it convenient when we are just planning on a day trip.  However, this makes it one of the busiest places on the Oregon coast.

When we arrived, we went to the large public parking garage, expecting to get a ground level spot since it was still fairly early in the morning.  When there were NO spots available on ANY level, I got a little nervous about how busy it was going to be around there.  We left the parking garage and saw that the local Elks Lodge was taking ten dollar donations to park in their lot.  I told Mr. Blue Eyes it was worth the ten dollars to me to be able to have our car close to the waterfront and not waste any more time looking for parking.

volleyball competition at coast

So we got our car parked and walked toward the beach.  As we approached the water, Mr. Blue Eyes noticed something before I did and said something about volleyball and an event.  Sure enough, as the coastline came into view, we saw a MASS of beach volleyball courts (we’re talking 125 courts), port-a-potties,  food carts, and THOUSANDS of people.  My first old-womanly instinct was to get back in the car and drive far, far away.  But at this point, I had spent my ten dollars on parking and we were committed, by golly!

dad and toddler wading at coast

Even though it was a pretty intimidating sight, this event wasn’t a big issue for our day at all.  Turns out the volleyball courts extended more north-to-south than east-to-west, so much of the beach near the water was left for us non-volleyball-playing day-trippers.

brother and sister wading at coastWe spent a LOVELY day at the beach.  In fact, there were some perks to having this big event around (in addition to being able to watch some beach volleyball).  Since most of the hotels were booked with volleyball players who were sticking around the food vendors at the volleyball site, there weren’t a ton of “normal” tourists clogging up our favorite lunch spot or taffy store.  We had a ton of fun!

toddler with sand toys

So what’s left on our bucket list?  Check it out below:

1. Family Bike Ride

2. Make Slime {Read about it here}

3. Go to a Museum{Read about it here}

4. Go Swimming at the Public Pool{Read about it here}

5. Visit All of Our Town’s Public Parks in One Day

6. Photo Scavenger Hunt  {Read about it here}

7. Water Balloon Fight {Read about it here}

8. Make Homemade Ice Cream {Read about it here}

9. Have a Backyard Campout {Read about it here}

10. Go to the Movies {Read about it here}

11. Go Ice Blocking

12. Do a Science Experiment

13. Outdoor Movie Night

14. Go on a Hike {Read about it here}

15. Ice Skating

16. Make Jam {Read about it here}

17. Create and Bury a Time Capsule

18. Make a Fort (our little trampoline tent/fort might count…I’ll see if we come up with anything better later on this summer.)

19. Go to the Beach

20. Fly a Kite {Read about it here}

21. Go to the Zoo

22. Go Camping  {Read about it here}

23. Ride a River, Lake, or Creek {Read about it here}

24. Take a Tour

25. Have a Family Read-Aloud

26. Go Bowling

27. Have a Good Old-Fashioned Picnic

28. Help Someone {Read about it here}

29. Movie Series Marathon

30. Active Game Night (Tag, etc.)