Summer Bucket List 2017 – Update #2

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summer bucket list 2017

This summer I have decided to share our family’s bucket list (and progress) with you.  We might get around to everything on this list.  We might not.  All I know is that with each thing that our family is able to check off this list, we are showing cancer who’s boss (hence my unofficial title for our summer bucket list – – the “Cancer Can Suck It” list).  Click here to check out our other Summer Bucket List 2017 posts!

We were able to squeeze in several bucket list items during this week of holiday fun!


Mr. Blue Eyes took the two older kids to Despicable Me 3.  Ladybug and I opted to stay home, but I forgot to ask MBE to snap a picture while they were gone.  So……….sorry for the lack of photo evidence.


professor weeding flower bed

The morning of the 4th of July was “Day 2” of my chemo cycle.  I’m not sure if it’s possible to have steroids left in my system from chemo the previous day, but I always wake up feeling like I can conquer the world on Day 2.  So the kids and I walked up the street to a neighbor’s house (a senior couple) and weeded their flower bed for them while it was still slightly cool outside.

mini-me weeding flower bed


My parents have been hosting a family campout in their backyard for the 4th of July since The Professor was a toddler.  There’s always a barbecue, games of some sort, s’mores, and fireworks.  Every year looks slightly different depending on who can make it and who has to work the following morning…that sort of thing.  This year was VERY quiet, but still very fun.

the professor and his tent

After our 4th of July barbecue, fireworks, and fun, the older kids and I camped out in the backyard.  The Professor has been dreaming of sleeping in his own tent for several years now, so we set one up for him.  I wasn’t in the mood to set up two tents, so Mini-Me and I made a little fort on the trampoline by draping sheets over the net poles and we slept on the trampoline.  We had a fun night, but it got pretty chilly on the trampoline.  In the middle of the night I started thinking about those trampoline tents on Amazon, wondering how much warmer I would have been in one of those bad boys.

ladybug on picnic table

Since Mr. Blue Eyes had to work the next morning, he and Ladybug slept in the house.  I think it was for the best, judging from how tired Ladybug was when we were cleaning things up from dinner (yes, this is her lying on the picnic table after we cleared off the food).  I don’t think she would have made it to fireworks time without a major meltdown.  I’m sure we’ll have the whole clan camping out in the backyard next year.


I actually didn’t remember that this was a bucket list item until I started typing this post.  Now things make much more sense…

At our 4th of July barbecue, I filled up a bunch of balloons for a water balloon toss (a very simple task with these water balloons…otherwise my poor chemo fingers wouldn’t have been able to do it).  The Professor and Mini-Me kept asking “but when will we have the water balloon FIGHT?”  I figured they just wanted to throw things at each other, but now I realize that they were wanting to check off an item from their bucket list.

mini-me holding water balloon

Luckily, even though I forgot about this bucket list item, we had a bunch of water balloons left over after doing the activity, so The Professor and Mini-Me had their own little water balloon fight.  But, of course, I had to interrupt them at the end by dumping the leftover water from the water balloon bucket on them.  🙂

So, with four more items checked off this week, we have completed 7 out of 30 summer activities from our bucket list.  Here is what our list looks like now.:

1. Family Bike Ride

2. Make Slime

3. Go to a Museum

4. Go Swimming at the Public Pool 

5. Visit All of Our Town’s Public Parks in One Day

6. Photo Scavenger Hunt  {Read about it here}

7. Water Balloon Fight

8. Make Homemade Ice Cream

9. Have a Backyard Campout

10. Go to the Movies

11. Go Ice Blocking

12. Do a Science Experiment

13. Outdoor Movie Night

14. Go on a Hike

15. Ice Skating

16. Make Jam (No jam yet, but we have made fruit leather together.)

17. Create and Bury a Time Capsule

18. Make a Fort (our little trampoline tent/fort might count…I’ll see if we come up with anything better later on this summer.)

19. Go to the Beach

20. Fly a Kite {Read about it here}

21. Go to the Zoo

22. Go Camping  {Read about it here}

23. Ride a River, Lake, or Creek

24. Take a Tour

25. Have a Family Read-Aloud

26. Go Bowling

27. Have a Good Old-Fashioned Picnic

28. Help Someone

29. Movie Series Marathon

30. Active Game Night (Tag, etc.)

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