Summer Bucket List 2017 – Update #1

summer bucket list 2017

This summer I have decided to share our family’s bucket list (and progress) with you.  We might get around to everything on this list.  We might not.  All I know is that with each thing that our family is able to check off this list, we are showing cancer who’s boss (hence my unofficial title for our summer bucket list – – the “Cancer Can Suck It” list).  Click here to check out our other Summer Bucket List 2017 posts!

This is my first update since unveiling our list to you almost two weeks ago.  The main thing that we were able to check off the list was a camping trip.



I have pretty much the coolest parents ever.  In addition to letting us live in their basement and helping us immensely through this cancer journey, they were a huge help in making our camping trip happen.  They like to take their trailer to a small city park in a neighboring town for their first camping trip of the season, so they can work out any kinks and get things cleaned up.  They offered to do this and then leave the trailer set up for us so we could camp for a few days after they were done.

We had an awesome time.

children playing in creek The kids loved playing in the creek behind our campsite.

girl playing with beach ball in pool

Mr. Blue Eyes took the bigger kids swimming one of the days (Ladybug is afraid of the water, so the two of us took a nap).

boy riding bike

We did a lot of bike riding and game playing.

baby with graham crackers

And of course, there were s’mores.

To top it all off, since I had chemo on the last morning of our camping trip, my parents came back out, closed up the trailer, and hauled it back to town so we could get home more quickly.

We were very grateful for this little getaway.  It was the perfect amount (and type!) of camping for me right now.


One other thing my parents did before we arrived at our camping trip was set up a photo scavenger hunt for us (this is another item on our bucket list).  So on one of the mornings, we took a stroll through the small town to look for things like a green fire hydrant, skull, and schoolhouse bell.  The kids really enjoyed it.


A couple of days ago I woke up to a weather forecast that called for wind all day, so we headed up the hill to the one of the windiest parks in our town for some kite flying.

kite flying frustration

The wind hadn’t arrived quite yet, so there was a little bit of frustration from the kids at first.

kite in sky

Eventually the wind picked up and the kids had some successful flights.  In fact, when it was time to go, Mini-Me didn’t want to stop flying her kite, but I was getting worn out from chasing Ladybug (who was trying to beeline for the swings at every opportunity). The kids are already checking the weather forecast for another good kite-flying day.

baby in park

So, here is what our bucket list looks like now:

1. Family Bike Ride

2. Make Slime

3. Go to a Museum

4. Go Swimming at the Public Pool (my kids have a particular public pool in mind, so this week’s swimming doesn’t count)

5. Visit All of Our Town’s Public Parks in One Day

6. Photo Scavenger Hunt

7. Water Balloon Fight

8. Make Homemade Ice Cream

9. Have a Backyard Campout

10. Go to the Movies

11. Go Ice Blocking

12. Do a Science Experiment

13. Outdoor Movie Night

14. Go on a Hike

15. Ice Skating

16. Make Jam

17. Create and Bury a Time Capsule

18. Make a Fort

19. Go to the Beach

20. Fly a Kite

21. Go to the Zoo

22. Go Camping

23. Ride a River, Lake, or Creek

24. Take a Tour

25. Have a Family Read-Aloud

26. Go Bowling

27. Have a Good Old-Fashioned Picnic

28. Help Someone

29. Movie Series Marathon

30. Active Game Night (Tag, etc.)