Savoring Saturdays – Macarena

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Mr. Blue Eyes works nearly every Saturday, so I have the entire day to spend with my three kiddos.  Sometimes I definitely feel the lack of “reinforcement” and often this day flies by in a blur of chores and grocery shopping.  I have recently made it my goal to stop and savor this time that I have with the kids on Saturdays.  

Mini-Me and Ladybug both have new favorite things.  Mini-Me loves the “Songs to Bug Your Parents” playlist on Amazon Music and Ladybug loves one particular container out of our lower cupboards.

After dinner tonight, Mini-Me and I were enjoying a dance party in the kitchen to her new favorite playlist.  When the Macarena came up, I realized that Mini-Me had never heard of this little gem before.  So, of course, I had to channel my inner-middle-schooler and give her a quick tutorial.  As we are rocking out (can you really “rock out” to the Macarena??), Ladybug takes advantage of the fact that we are otherwise engaged.  She sneaks into her favorite cupboard, grabs her favorite container, and spills a good portion of its contents all over the floor.

oats spilled on the floor
Tonight was oats spill number three. This is a picture of oats spill number two. We shall not speak of oats spill number one.

As I look at the dry quick oats that Ladybug is now shoveling into her mouth, I decide to ignore the mess and savor the moment.  I pick up Ladybug, dust off her hands, and have her join our dance party.  Luckily, I had forgotten how LONG the Macarena song is (it seriously feels like FOREVER)!  SO…by the time the song was over, Mini-Me had learned a new skill that she will NEVER forget (even if she wants to), Ladybug was distracted from her mischief, and our sweet dog CeCe had taken care of the evidence.

How did you savor your Saturday?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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