Savoring Saturdays – Breakfast

Mr. Blue Eyes works nearly every Saturday, so I have the entire day to spend with my three kiddos.  Sometimes I definitely feel the lack of “reinforcement” and often this day flies by in a blur of chores and grocery shopping.  I have recently made it my goal to stop and savor this time that I have with the kids on Saturdays.

breakfast plate with waffle, eggs, and bacon

Do you ever have those mornings when you wake feeling like you’re going into battle?  I had one of those mornings.  It is the first day of a nine-day break from school and the kids were arguing up until bedtime last night.  Ladybug decided she was going to wake up super early and not go back to sleep, so she’s going to be a bear until nap time.  It finally feels like winter is coming, so Mr. Blue Eyes will probably be busy at work today, which means my “reinforcement” will be home later than usual.  On top of all of that, we are awaiting some news that will be on my mind all day.

Since I knew that it might be hard to find a moment to savor in this Saturday, I decided to squeeze one in this morning.  I whipped up a hot breakfast and gathered the crew around the table.  Instead of mentally calculating my to-do list, I forced my mind to focus on each of my children, one at time, and savor what’s wonderful about them in this moment around the table:  The way The Professor likes to carefully pour a little bit of syrup into each square of his waffle; the way Mini-Me pushes her morning hair out of her face when she’s really excited about what she’s about to say; the way that Ladybug sneaks her scrambled eggs to the dog so that it’s easier for her to sort through her baby-bite-sized breakfast pieces to find the bacon (and the look on her face when she tastes it).

Now that we all have bellies full of bacon (because, really, that’s what hot breakfast is all about, isn’t it??), we are ready to tackle this Saturday.  I hope you’re all able to find a moment to savor today and I’d love to hear about your moments in the comments below!

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