Quick Craft?? Wooden Snowflake Ornament

My kids and I love to do crafts together.  It is one way that we like to savor time.  While I plan on sharing with you some of the crafts that we do at our house, I recognize that many of these things will be something you could easily find somewhere else on Pinterest.  So I wanted to do something a little bit different with my craft tutorials:  I will show you exactly how long they take to make (since this blog is focused on time, after all) and give you a final verdict on if I would consider them a “quick craft”.

how long do wooden snowflake ornaments really take?

I am notorious for seeing something on Pinterest, never clicking on the tutorial, and then just “winging it” based on what I saw in the picture.  So when I was looking for something fun for Mini-Me to do with a friend at an upcoming playdate, I thought of the wooden clothes pin snowflakes that I had seen on Pinterest.  I thought it would be super fun if they could paint and customize them the way they wanted (because when you’re six, it’s all about the bedazzling anyway!)

Supplies for wooden snowflake ornaments

So I gathered my materials (glue gun, ribbon or twine for hanging, and clothes pins – eight per ornament), then I started the timer.

separated clothes pins for wooden snowflake ornaments

The first step was to pull the springs off the clothes pins. I only had one spring go rogue and fly across the counter.  Not too bad!

dry fit of wooden snowflake pieces

Then, while I waited for the glue gun to heat up all the way, I did a dry fit of the snowflake to make sure everything would fit together the way I wanted. I also cut a small length of twine for the hanger.

applying glue to clothes pin for wooden snowflake ornament

Then it was time to glue!  I put a strip of glue on the flat side of one clothes pin and pressed another piece on top, using the groove in the clothes pin to gauge how well I had them lined up.  (Try to avoid actually getting glue in that groove, otherwise you’ll have a bunch of glue ooze into the opening in the snowflake.)

For the hanger, I just looped the twine and put the ends in the glue before adding the other wood piece, sandwiching it in place.

finished snowflake ornament

Once I had all of the glued pairs, it was time to assemble the snowflake.  I glued the first four pieces (the ones that make a cross shape in the picture above).  When those were pretty much set, I started gluing the rest of the pieces (the ones that make an X shape).  I found that if I glued fairly quickly, I had a little time to adjust the angles before the pieces were completely set.
timer for one wooden snowflake

At this point, I had one snowflake completed and it had taken me about 21 minutes (which included the few pictures I took).

Now that I had the system figured out, I did the other two at the same time (I glued ALL of the pairs together before moving on to assembling, which saved quite a bit of time).

timer for three wooden snowflakes

All in, I was able to make three wooden snowflake ornaments in 36 minutes total.  Factoring in clean-up, I was done with this project in less than 45 minutes.  And believe me, there was no rushing involved.  If I tried to rush with a glue gun, I would end up rushing my accident-prone self to the emergency room!  If you are a little more talented with a glue gun, you could probably make these even faster.

three wooden snowflake ornaments

So this definitely gets my seal of approval as a “quick craft”.  Even though I didn’t include the kids in making the actual ornaments because there was so much hot glue involved, I know the kids are going to have so much fun bedazzling them later (although I really love the rustic look of the plain wood!).  I have also seen where they take the mini clothes pins from the dollar store and make a second snowflake shape to glue over the hole in the center.  Those are super cute, too!  I’ll have to pick up some of the mini clothes pins if I decide to make my own rustic snowflakes later on.

So what do you think I should have the kids use to customize their snowflakes: Paint? Stick-on gems? Buttons? Markers? I’d love to hear your suggestions!