Due to a previous post where I explained why I sometimes go AWOL on the blog, I’m sure you figured that my recent lack of posts was due to some need in my household.

You’d be right.

Our family has been pretty healthy during cold and flu season.  Until a couple of weeks ago.  Ladybug had a terrible stomach bug, which then passed to the Professor, then Mini-Me, then Mr. Blue Eyes and then (finally) me.  It was awful!  But…it gets better.  Just when I was starting to feel better, Ladybug started having the exact same symptoms AGAIN.  Another sleepless, messy night of a toddler stomach bug.  I braced myself, hopeful that she just didn’t quite get over the first round but realistically preparing for this bug to sweep through our house a second time.

Sure enough, earlier this week The Professor came home early from school after puking in class.  Then Mini-Me started complaining of a stomachache just like she had almost two weeks before.  I’m assuming that I will be next, but I’m certainly hopeful that this round will pass me by.

So, I have been dealing with all things stomach bug.  Cleaning out buckets, stripping beds, changing an INSANE amount of diapers, disinfecting everything, you name it.  On top of that, Ladybug had a pretty big tricycle accident that required a trip to urgent care and heavy duty antibiotics.  Needless to say, I have had to press “pause” on the blog for now.  I decided that, rather than have a random post here and there and never really catching up, I would use any free blogging time to write some posts in advance for when I’m ready to be back to my regular writing schedule.

Thanks for your patience!  I’ll be back soon.  We’ve still been celebrating every day, even in our recent craziness, and I’m excited to show you what we’ve been up to!  Be sure to sign up for my email newsletter and you’ll get a list of my recent posts when I’m back to my regular schedule.

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