Every month I’m going to give you a glimpse into my checkbook to see my VIPKid income as well as how far we were able to stretch that income in paying off our debts.

Some people will call me crazy for sharing this kind of information online, but I hope that my transparency will help you feel like you have someone in your corner as you try to pay off your own debt. I’m doing this right along with you!

So let’s get right down to it!

Since the money I make with VIPKid is paid during the following calendar month and that is the month when I pay down my debt, I call this the “SEPTEMBER” income and debt report. However, this income is from my AUGUST teaching.



(from classes taught in August)

All of this was teaching income. I did not have any referrals teach a first class in August. Since we were moving to a short-term place with insufficient internet for class, I taught my last class on August 19th. I’m very nervous about being without my VIPKid income next month, because I did not teach a single day in September. I am hopeful to be out of limbo here pretty soon because I really miss my students!!!!!

So where did my money go this month?

My VIPKid income got swept up in our flurry of paying things off while we are living without a mortgage. This month we knocked out my second computer debt!

We were also surprised with a REFUND from our mortgage company because there was some sort of overpayment. We had an extra $3,000+ come our way, so we put all of that toward our big Visa balance.

We are so beyond grateful for this extra money that has helped us continue to make gazelle-intense progress on our debt!

Here is where we stand:



Starting Amount – $616.98

Paid off in June 2019.



Starting Amount – $1,591.90

Paid off in August 2019



Starting Amount – $1,672.38

Paid off in August 2019.



Starting Amount – $2734.32

This is the $2,600.00+ balance that we were able to pay in full this month and it felt SOOOOO good!



Starting Amount – $4,807.53

This is the credit card that went the wrong direction, so we started this month with a balance of $6,500+ . We should have this paid off by the end of the year. I am hopeful that we will enter 2020 with JUST a car payment.



Starting Amount – $26,365.62

Just pressing forward with minimum payments until the Visa is paid off.

So that’s where our individual debts stand right now. If you would like more information about each debt (the “why” behind the numbers), you can head over to the Meet My Debt page that takes you through the story of how we went from debt-free to almost 40-grand of debt in less than two years.

Yes, I listen to Dave Ramsey.

Yes, I know that the “why” behind the numbers is just rationalization of poor decisions.

Yes, I have come to terms with this ridiculousness and am changing my mindset.

Debt is no longer acceptable to me. I will do everything in my power to STAY out of debt this time around. But the story is still there if you’re interested.

Anyway…if you’re ready for the grand total as of today, here it is:



Starting Amount (May 2019) – $37,788.73

I’m actually REALLY excited to be in the $20,000s! For some reason that number seems way less daunting.

I have to give myself these small wins because it can be overwhelming to look at that $20,000 in terms of how many VIPKid classes I would have to teach in order to pay it off.

I’m grateful for the big push we’ve been able to make during this weird limbo time for our family, but I know that our pace will probably have to slow down a bit once we move. (Although we will still stay gazelle focused!)

If you’re interested in paying down your debt more quickly using VIPKid income, stick with me! I have ideas for teachers to enhance their classrooms without sacrificing their budgets. I can also help new teachers get hired on the cheap! If you’re not a VIPKid teacher yet, head over to this page and find out what I can offer you as a referring teacher.

What wins did you have in your debt-free journey this month? Join (or start) the conversation below!


  1. I would like to learn how you set up a blog. I have wanted to have a blog for various ideas but, I do not know the first step about getting one set up. If you could help me and do so in such a way that I could somehow add affiliate marketing to it to allow it to make a little bit of money I would be grateful. I would be willing to pay what I can afford for lessons. I am newly retired and still figuring out how to budget retirement money. I am also making a video application tomorrow night for one of the ESL online companies ( not VIPkid). With that money I already have a place for it to go. You can email me … if you are interested in teaching me how to set up a blog. Thank and I do like your blog.

    1. Hi there, Lynne! Thanks so much for the compliment! I am actually not currently coaching people through blog set up, but there are MANY amazing sources out there. I would suggest starting with Elna Cain’s free blog guide at She is a great, down-to-Earth resource for making money online and her free information is high quality! Good luck to you!

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