Every month I’m going to give you a glimpse into my checkbook to see my VIPKid income as well as how far we were able to stretch that income in paying off our debts.

Some people will call me crazy for sharing this kind of information online, but I hope that my transparency will help you feel like you have someone in your corner as you try to pay off your own debt. I’m doing this right along with you!

So let’s get right down to it!

Since the money I make with VIPKid is paid during the following calendar month and that is the month when I pay down my debt, I call this the “AUGUST” income and debt report. However, this income is from my JULY teaching.



(from classes taught in July)

Most of this was teaching income, with $100 coming from a referral that taught her first class in July. I was grateful for this amount, because I took some time off during the chaos of selling our home.

So where did my money go this month?

At the time my VIPKid paycheck hit the bank account, we were hemorrhaging money. We had pulled out the credit card for some repairs that had to be done on our home in order to sell it. On top of that, I was absolutely exhausted and we were eating out more than we should have been.

It got ugly.

So my VIPKid money just went toward existing.

When we closed on our home and received our proceeds check of around $8,000, we were faced with two options:

Hold on to this money for a down payment when we purchase our new home, but have a bunch of debt to our name when we’re trying to qualify for a loan.


Use it to pay off some debt, refill our emergency fund, and then hope for the best when the time comes to buy our next home. (Once we are under contract in our new location, we will receive a check from Mr. Blue Eyes’ company that reimburses some of the closing costs from selling our home. We can use this towards our down payment.)

We decided to pay off debt. So here’s where everything stands.


Paid off in June 2019.


This debt was next in our snowball, so this is what we hit first with our proceeds.


The plastic surgeon bill from my breast cancer reconstruction was the next to get paid off this month. What doesn’t show on this page are several hundreds of dollars’ worth of medical bills that came up over the course of a couple of months this summer. I didn’t add those to our debt tally, but paid them all off as well this month.



Starting Amount – $2,734.32



Starting Amount – $4,807.53

Yes. I told you things got ugly. The balance of this credit card went the WRONG direction. (As a little secret from me to you, we also pulled out a second credit card, which I paid off ASAP so we didn’t accrue interest.) We are hopeful that we can make some good headway during this limbo period without a house payment.



Starting Amount – $26,365.62

So that’s where our individual debts stand right now. If you would like more information about each debt (the “why” behind the numbers), you can head over to the Meet My Debt page that takes you through the story of how we went from debt-free to almost 40-grand of debt in less than two years.

But if you’re ready for the grand total as of today, here it is:



Starting Amount (May 2019) – $37,788.73


We have a LONG way to go, but we’ll get there. One class at a time.

If you’re interested in paying down your debt more quickly using VIPKid income, stick with me! I have ideas for teachers to enhance their classrooms without sacrificing their budgets. I can also help new teachers get hired on the cheap! If you’re not a VIPKid teacher yet, head over to this page and find out what I can offer you as a referring teacher.

What wins did you have in your debt-free journey this month? Join (or start) the conversation below!