Harry Potter Stocking Stuffers (For Less Than $10)

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Harry Potter Stocking Stuffers for Less Than Ten Dollars

The Professor has discovered Harry Potter this past year and he is in full blown Harry Potter fandom! I took to Amazon with the intention of finding some stocking stuffers for him and I found some really fun things that could appeal to fans of all ages. So I decided to compile a list of my favorites and pass it along to you.

Here are ten stocking stuffer ideas that are all less than $10 (especially if you have free shipping through Amazon Prime! Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial ):

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Projector Pen

These house crest buttons would be a hit with any Harry Potter fan!

Who wants predictable peppermint in their stocking when you could have booger flavored jelly beans?!

For the price, this golden snitch necklace likely won’t be heirloom quality but it will sure make for a fun stocking stuffer!

Harry Potter Playing Cards 

Depending on how they’re packaged, these wall decals might not fit in a stocking, but they sure look fun!

How adorable is this set of zipper pulls?!

This mini puzzle would make a great addition to a stocking!

From the reviews and pictures, this Gryffindor bookmark seems to be pretty heavy-duty.

And what stocking for a Harry Potter fan would be complete without a Hogwarts keychain?

Remember that you get free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime. ( Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial ) There is no minimum purchase requirement, so you can order a five dollar deck of cards without having to stress about adding to your shipment in order to avoid shipping costs.

Are you a Harry Potter fan?  What would YOU like to find in your stocking?