Gardening in Twenty Minutes a Day – Month One

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My goals for 2018It’s Monday again, which means it’s time for a peek at another one of my goals for 2018.  So far this month, we’ve talked about what I’m doing in January to move closer to being a once-a-month grocery shopper and we’ve talked about the first baby step that I’m taking in order to lose the cancer weight.  Now it’s time to talk about my third goal….growing a garden in 20 minutes a day.

(Check out this post to see the background behind my decision to garden in only 20 minutes a day.)

When we moved to this new town, we knew there was a high probability that we would only be living here for two to three years.  We had initially looked at renting a home, but the rental market was just insane.  Luckily, we were able to buy a home with the little bit of proceeds we had left over from paying off all of our debt and taking care of my medical bills. Since we didn’t put a lot down on the house, we are very cautious about putting too much money into this place, unless we feel like it’s really going to boost the value.  I don’t want to just sit on my hands when it comes to improving the house, though, because if we end up being able to stay in this house longer than the two or three years I would hate to have wasted that time.  More on that later…

So I have a dilemma when it comes to my garden for this year.  Do I invest in building raised beds (I have visions of a square foot garden) or do I just plop the plants in the ground and hope for the best?  We really want to have a good amount of fresh produce in our garden due to our switch to once-a-month grocery shopping, but I’m stuck as to the best way to go about it.

To give you a better idea, I thought I’d show you the “before” of our new garden space.  (Sorry they’re so dark and dreary, but that’s pretty much what the weather is doing around here these days. I’ll try to take my good camera outside next time and get some better pictures.)

Gardening in Twenty Minutes a Day - Before Our garden runs along most of the west side of our house.  It is fenced off from the main part of the yard by a short little wood fence and a plywood gate (but if our dog was a little more ambitious, she could get into it with no problem.)  There are a couple of things we can work with – rhubarb and strawberries – but for the most part it has gotten overrun with baby grass and weeds in the couple of months that we’ve lived here.  (That will take some getting used to….the weeds survive the milder winters here and continue to grow.)

Gardening in Twenty Minutes a Day - Before

I can totally see a little mulch or stone path down the middle, with raised beds on each side.  Maybe even some trellis along the fence for my climbing plants or berries.  BUT I am nervous about pouring too much money into a garden that we would only use for two growing seasons.  On the other hand, I definitely want to get the most yield from what I plant, so if that requires a little extra money, I’m game.

What would you do if you were me?  I could really use some advice!

Pretty please leave me your input in the comments below.  Even if you’re not really a gardener, I could use your perspective on what you’d like to see if you were house hunting.  The name of the game is “resale” with whatever we do to our house…including the garden.

Until I make up my mind, I’m just going to focus my twenty minutes a day on cleaning up the ground and researching this new growing zone.  I also need to look into getting some seeds started indoors.  That’s my game plan for the next four weeks.  I’ll be back with some progress photos in about a month.

Thanks, my friends!

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  1. How much sun does it get? WESTSIDE isnt ideal for a garden. SouTh is best. Raised beds look nice but arent necessary. Four season gardenIng Bt eliot coleman is my fave gardeniNg booK. Hes all about simple, effective, low cost solutions. Love him and his passion for homegrown food.

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