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Once a week I will give you a sneak peek into my phone’s camera roll. No filters. No design. No tutorial or lengthy post. Just a little trip into my time zone. Happy Friday!

The Mommy Standard Time crew has welcomed a new furry family member into our home.

Lou the German Shepherd - Mommy Standard Time

Meet Lou.  She’s a purebred German Shepherd puppy.  She makes an awesome partner-in-crime to our almost-senior dog, CeCe (a German Shepherd/Airedale Terrier mix).

As with all major life changes, the decision to bring her home didn’t come at the most opportune time when you looked at everything on paper.  However, now that she’s here we have watched how quickly she has learned the ropes of house-training by following CeCe’s example.  Thanks to Cece, Lou is housebroken via the doggy door and walking on a leash (thanks also in part to the awesome two-dog leash we picked up).  We realized that CeCe might not have had the patience to deal with a young, energetic puppy if we had waited much longer.  Plus, The Professor and Mini-Me are at the perfect age to willingly (most days…) take on a lot of the extra responsibility of the puppy.

Lou has settled in nicely and is quickly learning the rules of the house.  But (of course) sometimes she’ll randomly just let loose and be ALL puppy for a few minutes.  For the most part, though, bringing a puppy home hasn’t been nearly as crazy as I had expected. <<<Knocking on ALLLL the wood.>>>

Are there any past or present German Shepherd owners out there?  Any tips or things I should know about??  Just call me “Young Grasshopper.”

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