Filter-Free Friday – Hair and Books

Once a week I will give you a sneak peek into my phone’s camera roll. No filters. No design. No tutorial or lengthy post. Just a little trip into my time zone. Happy Friday!

doing hair while reading books

Did your kiddos ever go through stages or have little quirks that you wished you could freeze in time?  Ladybug (and Mini-Me) have one of those right now…

Starting a few months ago, when I was feeling gross from surgery and then chemo, I would have Mini-Me sit on the floor in front of my “recovery recliner” while I did her hair for the day.  Well, Ladybug saw an opportunity in this little set-up. She would hurry over to her book basket, grab a book, and then back her little booty into her sister’s lap.  Mini-Me would then read to Ladybug until I was done with her hair.

While Mini-Me and Ladybug still have this morning routine for now, I’m sure one or the other will grow tired of it at some point. I know that this is a terrible picture, but I hold onto it because it represents a sweet time in our lives that I want to remember forever.

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