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mom dissecting fish with child's class

(I know the point of Filter-Free Friday is to give you an unedited look into my time zone via my phone’s camera roll, but I had to put a quick filter on this photo for a few reasons.)

Oh, the things that we do for our children.

The Professor is in third grade, which (in our neck of the woods) means a whole unit on salmon.  The Department of Fish and Wildlife brings in eggs from the hatchery that the students observe in tanks until they hatch. They also study the salmon life cycle and learn the anatomy of the fish through diagrams.  This unit culminates in a fish dissection activity, where deceased fish from the hatchery (that had died from natural causes and were then frozen for later educational use) are examined by our little third-grade scientists.

When the request for volunteers to help with this activity came home, I was excited to sign it because one of my goals of taking a leave of absence from my job was to have more time to spend on field trips and class activities.  However, there was one thing I failed to consider:

Fish creep me OUT.  Like, majorly creep me out.  Almost to the point of phobia.

I avoid the seafood department of the grocery store.  I rarely swim in natural bodies of water for fear of a fish grazing my leg.  My idea of going fishing is to hold a pole with a line in the water and hand it over if I actually hook something.  This all might be lingering trauma from a fall I took into a sturgeon pond as a child.  I don’t know.  What I DID know was that my heart was in my throat when the slimy fish was plopped onto the table in front of us in The Professor’s third grade classroom.

But then I pulled myself together.  I looked around the room at all of the scientists, teachers, biologists, etc. of our future and I realized that I had to feed their excitement for education rather than add to their nervousness.  So, I grabbed that darn fish and held it open so the kids could investigate and learn from its anatomy.  (I must say that I learned a bit myself!)  I was pumped by my ability to push past my own shortcomings and help The Professor learn from this unique experience.

Then I looked through my camera roll and found the picture above (taken by The Professor’s teacher).

I had felt like I was tackling fish dissection like a boss, but as you can see from my face, I might not have been as convincing as I thought…

Maybe I’ll get a do-over when Mini-Me gets to third grade.

What fears have you had to face for your kids?  I’d love to hear in the comments below!


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  1. A fear of heights to hang Christmas lights on our house ~ with vaulted ceilings ~ just to be able to see the joy and awe on their faces.

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