Filter-Free Friday -Fertility

Once a week I will give you a sneak peek into my phone’s camera roll. No filters. No design. No tutorial or lengthy post. Just a little trip into my time zone. Happy Friday!

So today I found out that I am supposed to be making fertility decisions “soon”.  This isn’t something I will be processing through on the blog…

I don’t even have much to say about today’s picture. Just that stumbling on Mr. Blue Eyes and Ladybug having a little midday snooze was just what my heart needed after my phone call with the cancer center.

We are looking forward to a quiet weekend at home (this weather doesn’t allow for much else). What are your plans for the weekend?

4 thoughts on “Filter-Free Friday -Fertility”

  1. Tomorrow we are having dinner at a friend’s house. IT’S nice getting back to a routine that gets us out and about again.

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