Filter-Free Friday – Exploring

Once a week I will give you a sneak peek into my phone’s camera roll.  No filters.  No design.  No tutorial or lengthy post. Just a little trip into my time zone.  Happy Friday!

boy reading book at library

It has been a weird week in our time zone!  Unfortunately, this has impacted my still-new-to-me blogging routine.  I have a lot of great tutorials and recipes in the works; there were just a few too many detours this week.

Which brings me to today’s picture.  Without going into too many details (I’ll share them with you one day…I promise), we went on a work-related day trip with Mr. Blue Eyes yesterday.  While he was taking care of his work duties, the kids and I got to explore a new town.  One of the stops we try to make in any unfamiliar place is the public library.  We have yet to meet a library we don’t like!

Yesterday’s library didn’t disappoint either.  On top of several baskets of blocks for Ladybug, cute puppets for Mini-Me, and the calming library atmosphere for me, they even had a Pokemon guidebook and a comfy carpet that lent well to The Professor’s favorite reading position.  Can it get any better?!

What is your favorite stop to make when you are in a new town?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


1 thought on “Filter-Free Friday – Exploring”

  1. I don’t really have a favorite spot to explore necessarily, but exploring downtown areas are always fun. Especially the old town areas. The history of a town or city can be pretty cool.

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