Filter-Free Friday – Me and My Bug

Once a week I will give you a sneak peek into my phone’s camera roll. No filters. No design. No tutorial or lengthy post. Just a little trip into my time zone. Happy Friday!

ladybug coloring

It has been an adjustment living in our new home.  With the big kids off to school and Mr. Blue Eyes working VERY long hours, Ladybug and I find ourselves alone together quite a bit.

While we lived with my parents during my cancer treatment, Ladybug could pick and choose which adult to hang around with based on who was doing the most exciting thing at the time.  If I was cooking dinner, she would take a book to another grown up for them to read to her.  Now, I’m all she’s got during the day, so she is learning to hang out with me while I do chores.  And I am adjusting to finding ways to entertain Ladybug while I try to get chores finished.  The picture above was my view while I worked on the budget earlier this week.

I know, I know…parents everywhere struggle to find this balance everyday.  It just so happens that I’m a little out of practice.  🙂

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