If you’re looking for a FREE printable reward for your VIPKid classroom, look no further! Feed Dino is a fun reward that your students will LOVE!

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The origin of Feed Dino is actually a bit of an accident. I was working hard on a printable Dino-inspired puppet to go with my post about puppets for the VIPKid classroom. I just couldn’t get the proportions right and I was getting tired of looking at it.

So I stepped away for a while.

When I was scrolling through my documents a couple of weeks later, I saw the thumbnail for my sad little puppet and I thought…”That would make an awesome reward!”

So “Feed Dino” was born.


All you have to do is cut out, laminate (if desired) and put magnets (again…if desired) on the back of everything. If you choose to use magnets, just place Dino on a small white board or other magnet-friendly surface.

Side note: This is the type of magnet that I use. I love to buy these huge packets of magnets from Amazon because they are so much cheaper when you buy in bulk!

Once you have Dino and the food ready, you just let the student choose a food for you to put on (“in”) Dino’s mouth throughout class. If you want to take it a step further and cut a slit in the mouth with a baggie in back to collect the items, I’d love to see how it works out for you!

I didn’t include a lot of food with this printable because I figured we all have a collection of food (and non-food!) items to feed Dino. But just in case, I have included a page of common food items that you can cut out and feed to Dino!


As we all know, rewards are best when we can draw additional language out of our students by way of extension questions. For this reward, there are many ways that you can introduce new vocabulary or extend the conversation:

  • Should we feed Dino _________ or ___________?
  • Do you like _____________?
  • What is your favorite food?
  • What color is _________________?
  • Can Dino eat ______________ (silly food or non-food item)?
  • How many foods did Dino eat today?
  • How does _____________ taste? (Great for the Level 3 “delicious/yucky” unit.)

You get the idea!


Are you ready to download your own FREE copy of Feed Dino? I am providing it as a “Welcome” gift to those who subscribe to the Mommy Standard Time/Online Teaching on a Dime email list! Just fill out the form below and it will arrive in your inbox right away! (Don’t worry, I will guard your email address like a German Shepherd at a junkyard. I’m not a spammer.)

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  1. Hello Mommy Standard Time,

    I am preparing for my mock class this coming Saturday. I am looking for a secondary reward system for my mock class, Would you be able to send me the printable feed dino one? If not can you suggest where can I find more material for my vIPKID mock class?

    Melinda Johnst0n

    1. Hi there, Melinda! You just need to fill out the form on this page and you’ll get a copy of the Feed Dino reward sent right to your inbox. 🙂 You can also search “VIPKid” or “Online ESL” on Teachers Pay Teachers for tons of resources! Hope that helps! Good luck with your mock class!

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