Easiest (and Tastiest) Roast Chicken Ever

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how to make the easiest and tastiest roast chicken ever

If you are looking for the BEST use of your time when it comes to roasting a chicken, look no further than this recipe!  I am hoping to provide recipes that everyone can easily replicate with what they normally have in their kitchen, but today I had to make one exception.

The key to this recipe is the Traeger wood pellet grill.

WAIT!  Don’t leave yet.

If you don’t have a Traeger (or similar wood pellet grill), I hope you still read on to see just how easy it is to cook the tastiest chicken ever.  Christmas is coming, and Santa needs to know what’s on your list!  I think a Traeger grill could be just the ticket.  You really don’t need a huge one…we have one of the smallest smokers, with the fewest amount of bells and whistles, and we absolutely love it.  LOVE it!  So much that we devote one night a week to cooking on the Traeger. We bought it at a Costco promotion and the cost was comparable to a propane grill.

This post is NOT sponsored by Traeger; they don’t know I exist.  If they did, my crazy infatuation for their product would most likely creep them out a little bit.

On to the recipe.  (Please forgive my photos.  Since the time change, it gets dark SO early!  I can’t cook in the middle of the day like most bloggers because our house is up for sale and I like to keep things in tip-top shape during business hours in case there is a showing.  I figured that poorly-lit pictures are better than no pictures!)

preparing roast chicken

Take the chicken, remove the giblets, rinse inside and out, then pat dry.  (To make even MORE use of my time, I always cook two chickens; we eat one as-is and I shred the other one for some of my other favorite recipes.  Two chickens fit perfectly on our little grill. So you’re going to notice that I’m doubling the fun throughout this post!)

oiling chicken prior to cooking

Then you just need to slather some oil on that chicken.  (I use olive oil). Make sure to oil the ENTIRE chicken, otherwise it will stick to the grill (speaking from experience).

seasoned chicken prior to cooking

Now it’s time to season the thing.  Don’t stress out too much about the seasoning unless you’re really into eating the skin.  I’m not, so for me most of the flavor comes from cooking the chicken over the wood pellet fire.  I use Mrs. Dash most often, but sometimes I use the Sweet Mesquite Seasoning from Costco.  Whatever your seasoning of choice, just sprinkle it over the whole chicken and give it a little rub down.

**Note:  Many people like to tie the legs closed to help retain moisture.  I have NEVER had an issue with dry chicken using this method, so I don’t worry about tying the legs closed.

uncooked chicken on traeger grill

This is where the magic happens.  Pop the chicken on the preheated grill (on high temperature), close the lid, and don’t peek again for one hour and ten minutes.

cooked chicken on traeger smoker

Lift the lid after 70 minutes and you’ll be greeted with your beautifully cooked chicken.  Double-check the temperature of your chicken with a meat thermometer (if it’s super cold outside, the smoker might have been running slightly cooler and will need an extra 10 to 20 minutes).

roast-chickenLet it rest for a few minutes, slice, and enjoy!  This will seriously be some of the best chicken you’ve had.  Even after shredding and freezing the leftovers, when I open the Ziploc bag a month later to use the chicken in a different recipe, I can still SMELL the smokiness of the wood fire.  YUM!

I know you’re probably thinking that roasting a chicken in the oven really isn’t all that hard.  You’re right…it’s not.  But I think that this particular method of roasting chicken has the best “ease-to-taste” ratio.  It’s super easy AND super delicious!

Have I convinced you to try a Traeger?  If you already have one, what is your favorite thing to smoke/grill?