You’ve probably read on my blog before that organization is a key element of setting up your VIPKid classroom!  (Remember the D.I.N.O. rule? Check it out here.) However, organizational tools can really be tough on the budget!  Today I wanted to share with you my favorite Dollar Tree organization tools that are perfect for your VIPKid classroom!


I absolutely LOVE the Dollar Tree dish racks for keeping my white boards upright.  Piles can be tricky in a VIPKid classroom because you never know when you’ll topple things over and make a big scene in the middle of class (not that I would know or anything…haha).  I love that this rack stores my whiteboards vertically so that they are easy to grab (without looking!) during class.


If you use magnets at all in your classroom, it’s a great idea to use cookie sheets to keep your magnets organized and within arm’s reach.  Or better yet, you can cut the rims off of them and make your own magnetic wall!  (I have a tutorial coming to show you how I made two LARGE magnetic walls with Dollar Tree cookie sheets.)


These wire baskets are great for keeping your small 3D props organized in front of you (as you can see in the picture above, where I have my orca stashed with other animal props).  But the BEST part of these baskets is that neodymium magnets stick right to them! You can line up your props right before a lesson so that they’re ready to use. The line-up above was for a Free Talk lesson about cosplay.


If you prefer to attach your props to wood craft sticks, the dollar store is a great place to find them!  Don’t forget to pick up a block of floral foam to help you store them upright for easy access!


The facial scrubbers at Dollar Tree aren’t really a tool for organization, but they ARE easy to keep organized. These make PERFECT whiteboard erasers! They are small, which makes them easy to tuck away and keep organized.


I use these magnet clips ALL the time in my classroom!  Not only are they great for displaying paper (UA maps, etc.), I also use the top part of the clip as a hook!  I hang a little metal bucket from the top of the clip when I give artificial flowers as a reward. 


Storing puppets within arm’s reach can become a challenge without some sort of organization.  One method is to put wooden dowels inside a heavy container/pot.  But if you don’t have wooden dowels, wooden (or plastic) serving spoons turned upside down work perfectly for this!  I found an old ceramic utensil holder that was pretty heavy, then I added some wooden spoons with the handles facing up.  It has worked perfectly for keeping my puppets nearby and easy to grab.

Are you on the hunt for an inexpensive puppet for your VIPKid classroom? Check out this post!


Some props really work best on a book ring.  For example, I love to fan out a deck of laminated cards of various colors when I ask younger students for their favorite color.  Book rings are perfect for storing these cards together and then fanning them out!  I just put a Command hook on the wall next to me so that the rings are easy to grab! (These are my FAVORITE Command hooks!)


Dollar Tree has desk organizers for pens, etc but I have always found them to be a bit on the small side.  I use a silverware holder in my classroom to keep my markers organized.  (Read this post to see how I completely got rid of my need for pencils and pens for note taking.  All I use now are dry erase markers.) My silverware organizer is not from Dollar Tree, but you get the idea.  


Dollar Tree knows their audience, so they usually have a well-stocked teacher section. You can usually find pocket charts and organizers that come in handy in the VIPKid classroom.


I didn’t really need to mention this, but just in case you have never been to a Dollar Tree I wanted to bring up the beautiful wall o’ bins!  You can buy all manner of organizational bins at Dollar Tree in a rainbow of colors.  

What Dollar Tree items do you use to stay organized? Join (or start!) the conversation below!