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Cyber Monday Deals for the VIPKid Classroom- Mommy Standard Time

I am enjoying Cyber Monday this year!  In fact, with my new side hustle, I have found so many things that would be great for props and rewards that I decided to dedicate a whole post to them!

I am sorry to only provide the pictures and links that you have to click through to find the price.  As a member of the Amazon Associates Program, I am asked not to publish prices on my website, since they change so quickly.  Amazon doesn’t like having outdated prices on blogs!  I could use a different type of link, but the prices listed often don’t reflect the LOW Cyber Monday savings. 

So, without further ado…here we go!

 A LOT of teachers use this game as a reward.  They write numbers on the crocodile’s teeth and then the kids pick a number.  They love seeing it chomp teacher!  It is a great price today!

 Another fun reward idea….you can label the eggs with numbers and then hide star stickers inside some of them.  The student can say what color is inside each egg (or you could put other types of stickers in them).  Great for the “How Animals Help Us” or “Colors” units!  This is also a Daily Deal, so the low price is good today only.

 So many of our students love the Rubik’s Cube!  I thought it would be fun to have one on hand as a prop when talking about 3D shapes or even colors.  They are VERY inexpensive today (like….less than $5 inexpensive)!

This big Mrs. Potato Head set is almost 75% off today!  Check it out!

 I am always amazed at how entertaining something as simple as Barrel of Monkeys can be for kiddos!  You can put one on a magnetic hook and add monkeys as a reward.  Ham it up like you’re worried they will fall….the kids LOVE it!  For only a few bucks today, you have another quick and easy reward.

 Melissa and Doug toys are not usually the cheapest prop options, but their quality makes up for it!  This build-a-cake set would be fun for birthdays and is part of their Cyber Monday markdowns on Amazon.

 Boggle can be a fun fast-finisher activity after a UA, or even as a reward.  Give it a shake (have the kiddo tell you when to “STOP!”  They love to make teacher shake, and shake, and shake….) and then have them try to make the longest words they can find.  This is another super inexpensive reward option today.

 If you are a 2D prop queen, check out this 500 PACK of letter-size laminating pouches that’s on sale!

 This would be more of an investment in your classroom, but if you stand to teach this could be a great whiteboard (and yes, it’s magnetic)!

 If you want to give green screen a try without breaking the bank (or you want to set up a background when you don’t have a wall behind you), this is a less-expensive option.

 If you can figure out what size you wear in boy sizes (they go up to XXL), this is a great fleece for those of you who want to wear orange through the winter!  It is a great price today!

That’s all for now, but come back later today!  I am hanging out on Amazon all day and I will add more deals to this post as I find them!  If you want to head over to my Facebook page, I will also be putting Lightning Deals up there as they happen (I won’t be putting Lightning Deals on this post because they sell out so fast).  Make sure your notifications are set to have my posts near the top of your Newsfeed so that you don’t miss them. 🙂