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Where are you, Stephanie?

I mentioned last month that I am going to be decluttering my home using the KonMari method.  {If you’re not sure what that is, check out this book.}  I will be giving you an update on that process very soon, but I am mentioning it now for a different reason.

The process of analyzing my belongings to determine what brings joy to my life has made me analyze other aspects of my life as well.

What brings me joy???

You might have noticed a lapse in my blog posting again recently.  That was partially due to the needs of my family, but there was another reason as well.  I decided to post only the bare minimum of my blog commitments recently (sometimes not even that), to see what happened.  Did I have more joy with less blogging?  Did I miss it?

I found that I DID miss blogging.  I love putting my thoughts into words and, hopefully, helping others in some way as a result.

I made another discovery, though.  I did NOT miss the rigmarole of posting to the various social media sites regarding what I had just posted on my blog.  Not. At. All.

When you start a blog, the experts tell you that social media is CRITICAL for reaching your audience.  I’m sure they’re right.  But that doesn’t change the fact that I find Facebook and Instagram exhausting.  So, sometime in the near future, the Facebook and Instagram pages for my blog are going to disappear.  I’m not sure how long the process takes, so I can’t give you an exact date.  But it will be soon.

I have tried to think of questions that might come to your mind, so here are my answers:

So….are you “anti-Facebook” now?

Absolutely not!  Social media serves an important purpose in my personal life.  It is how I maintain connections with my friends and family.  I love sharing the big events in my life with the people I care about and I love seeing theirs.  I just started to feel like my blog’s social media posts were invading on people trying to use social media for that purpose.  Facebook’s recent algorithm change confirmed that feeling.  I recently had an epiphany that the people who want to read my blog will come over to my corner of the internet and read it; they don’t need me popping up in between family photos to remind them that I’m here.  You know where to find me.  🙂

Why are you deleting/deactivating your blog’s social media pages?  Why not just post less often?

This is something I have thought about a lot.  I am actually changing the role of social media in my personal life as well, so I will be on Facebook and Instagram VERY infrequently.  I don’t want a blog reader to try and contact me through social media and then I, in turn, miss their comment or message because I’m only logging in once a week.  I feel like that would send the wrong message. I can still be contacted through my blog and through my email address: mommystandardtime @ gmail . com (remove the spaces).  And I would still LOVE to hear from you.

How will I know when you have a new post (without having to check your website all the time)?

I have set up a way for you to subscribe to an RSS feed for my blog.  This means that once a week you will get an email with the links to everything I have posted for the previous week.  It’s as simple as that!  Just enter your email address at the end of this post if you would like to subscribe.  (Don’t worry…I hate spam, too.  Your email address will only be used for this purpose and I will never give your email address to another company).

Time for a Giveaway
Isn’t social media where you did all your giveaways?

For the most part, yes it was.  I plan on continuing giveaways in the near future, but everything will be done here on the blog.  You will be able to enter in the comment section of an official giveaway post,  just watch for a graphic similar to the one above (Speaking of the comment section, I have fixed the dang capslock issue. Hooray! If you try to leave a comment and it is still in all caps, just clear your browser cache.)  I still think my blog readers are the bee’s knees, so I will still be doing giveaways to thank you for supporting my little corner of the internet.  Plus, giveaways are just super fun!

Will you still be on Pinterest?

Keeping up with Facebook and Instagram was hard enough for me, so I rarely paid attention to Pinterest.  I’m going to be changing that.  People don’t log in to Pinterest to keep in touch with their families, so I wouldn’t be interrupting their life in that way.  They are looking for ideas or help, which is one of the main reasons I blog, so I will definitely still be using Pinterest. By ditching Facebook and Instagram, I will hopefully be able to pin more often.  If you’d like, you can follow me on Pinterest by clicking here.  (My boards aren’t super impressive right now because I have devoted so little time to Pinterest in the past…but that will all be changing soon.)

To sum it all up, I’m streamlining my life down to the things that bring me joy.  Blogging in and of itself brings me joy. Telling you about my blog on social media??  Not so much.  Regardless of my upcoming absence from Facebook and Instagram, I’ll still be here doing my thing.  You know where to find me.

Thanks for reading!

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