Celebrate January 14th

national dress up your pet day - Mommy Standard Time


I know that this day is totally self explanatory, but I thought I’d give you a few DIY ways that you can dress up your pet with things you probably have around the house:

Really, there are a gazillion ideas on the internet for creating your own pet costumes.  Have fun with it, but don’t scare your poor pet!  Especially if he/she is not used to being dressed up.  Our dog has never been dressed up, so we are proceeding with caution and a very simple costume.


Have you heard the story about the shelter worker who put a dog on Tinder?  The dog had been in the shelter for over three years, so the shelter worker decided to create a profile for the dog in the hopes of finding him a forever home.  Read more about it here.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out if there was an ending to this story, but I found out that other dogs have Tinder profiles as well.  Just search “dog tinder profile” and you’ll find a few lists.

Make it a great day, everyone!  We have blue skies over here and it’s going to be a beautiful Sunday!