Celebrate January 12th

January 12th - National Marzipan Day


I have some plans for celebrating this sweet treat today, but here are some other ideas for celebrating marzipan if you’re still on the hunt for something to do today:

  • Make marzipan cookies (there are several recipes on Pinterest that look really good)
  • Watch marzipan videos on YouTube (Yes, they’re a thing…and they’re pretty interesting)
  • Make homemade marzipan (recipes abound online)
  • Have fun molding things out of marzipan


Have you noticed any differences in your Facebook news feed recently?  I sure have!  Facebook recently announced that they were making changes to their algorithms in order to encourage more worthwhile social interaction.  This means less news from fake news sites and business pages and more news from your family.  As someone who has recently moved away from her hometown, I am super excited about this change; it will be easier for me to quickly look for news from my loved ones.  As a blogger, I’m a little bummed because I have already seen a negative impact on the reach of my posts.

Facebook algorithms are not a conspiracy theory.  They are the real deal.  If people don’t interact with what I put on Facebook (by liking, commenting, or sharing…but ESPECIALLY commenting), the algorithms will assume that people aren’t interested and will show you less of what I post.  I really am not hung up on the overall reach of my content, but I DO care that the people who want to stay caught up on my blog are able to do so.  If you are typically a  quiet person on Facebook, there is also a way that you can make sure the news from my Facebook page still ends up in your news feed.  You can read all about it here (straight from the Facebook newsroom).

Anyway…I’m always looking for a silver lining, so I am excited to see more from YOU – – my friends and family – – in my personal news feed.  But make sure to come and hang out with me on the Mommy Standard Page, too!  I will be doing a live tour of my house on Facebook next week and I’ll need some feedback from you about what home improvement project to tackle first.