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National Play Tennis Day - February 23rd - Mommy Standard Time Blog

When I was deciding which holidays our family would celebrate in February, it was consistently around 50 degrees outside with sunshine most days.  It felt like spring was here, so National Play Tennis Day sounded like a ton of fun.  Now that the day is finally here, the weather is NOT ideal for hanging out at an outdoor tennis court.  But don’t worry….I have plans!


You don’t need to brave crazy cold temperatures or buy expensive equipment in order to enjoy National Play Tennis Day.  Here are some ideas for celebrating today:

  • Read picture books about playing tennis
  • Learn more about the history of tennis or Wimbledon
  • Play indoor balloon tennis – – all you need is a balloon and two fly swatters (or anything paddle-like, really)
  • Make a tennis ball or tennis racket craft.  There are TONS of ideas on Pinterest!
  • You can always just play with tennis balls!


It’s Friday after a very WEIRD week schedule-wise (thanks to our winter weather).  On top of that, we had a very “off” night around our house last night.  You know things must have gotten a little crazy when you wake up in your husband’s hooded sweatshirt (with only a vague recollection of putting it on in the middle of the night), a bottle of baby Motrin on the nightstand, and a nearly-naked toddler in bed next to you.

As crazy as nights with toddlers can be, the morning always comes.  Even though I feel like I just ran a marathon with a backpack full of boulders, I’m grateful that I am able to spend a quiet day at home with Ladybug.  These years go by so quickly — I just try to savor as many moments as I can.  The good and the bad.  The fun and the exhausting.  I’m grateful for it all.  Don’t get me wrong, the tough and exhausting moments can make me cranky.  But I am so grateful to be here to experience them that it’s hard for me to stay grumpy for long.

What’s on your agenda today?