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Cook a Sweet Potato Day - February 22nd - Mommy Standard Time Blog

I feel like I can never be in the cool club because I <<gasp>> don’t really love sweet potatoes.  But I’m going to give them another try today because it is Cook a Sweet Potato Day!


What is your favorite sweet potato form?  Mashed and topped with marshmallows?  Chips?  Fries?  Twice baked?  Stuffed?  Baked? Pasta?  Crackers? Flour? Pie?Where do you stand with sweet potatoes?  Love them?  Tolerate them?  Loathe them?Wherever you stand with sweet potatoes, today would be a great day to indulge in one of your favorite foods or to give it another try!


I love to search Amazon for deals that help me simplify and enjoy life.  Here is what I was able to round up this morning.

 My kids would LOVE a globe, but I have always been hesitant to have something so big sitting around, taking up space.  This globe might be a good compromise because it is a regular globe, constellation globe, nightlight (it projects stars), and a bluetooth speaker.

 If you’re looking for a unique baby shower gift for an on-the-go family that doesn’t have a registry, this folding high chair could be just the ticket!

 This little lantern is cute and SUPER inexpensive.  A few disclaimers from the reviews: this lantern is very small and, if you order multiples, they might not match.

Make any cup kid-friendly! These reusable silicone stretch lids with straws are an awesome deal.  You can get another set of colors for SLIGHTLY cheaper (about 60 cents), but they are considered an add-on item.  This set ships on its own.


I just love hearing stories about how far bottles can travel in the sea before their messages find a reader.  I stumbled on a story of a special message in a bottle that made its way from California to Guam (it took three years).  Check out the story here to see what made this bottle special.

Have a very happy Thursday!

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