Alright, my friends! It’s time for me to put my deal-scouring skills to work for YOU! I am on the hunt for the best Black Friday deals for online ESL teachers and I’m documenting them HERE…all in one spot.

Be sure that you bookmark this page so you can find it on the big day! As the ads come out leading up to Black Friday, I will be adding the best finds for online ESL teachers.

While we wait for the Black Friday deals, here are some of my favorite Amazon finds that are ALWAYS a bargain. (This also gives you an idea of the types of deals I’m looking for.)

Be sure to scroll to the bottom because I’m also adding Black Friday deals from some of our awesomely creative ESL teacher colleagues!

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Before we get started, I want to clarify a couple of things with you:

  1. You will have to click through to see prices. This isn’t click bait, I promise! Some of the affiliate programs to which I belong request that we do not post prices on our websites, since the prices can change at any time. There are other ways to include prices, but often the DEEP Black Friday discounts don’t show up on these display options. The best way is to quickly click through and check the price yourself. (I will have the links set to open in a new tab so you don’t lose your place here.)
  2. The deals that I post here will be those that should last most of Black Friday weekend. I will do my best to take expired or sold-out deals off this post, but I might occasionally miss one.
  3. For Lightning Deals, be sure you’re following me on Facebook because I will be hanging out at home all weekend, watching for quick deals to share with you!
  4. Many of the items that I share will probably NOT be things that I have purchased myself. Even so, I try to only share quality deals and products, but please read reviews before ordering.

Are you ready to see some of my favorite deals? (Again, these are not Black Friday deals at this point. These are just some of my favorite finds on Amazon. Bookmark this page and keep checking back as we get closer to Black Friday.)



If you’re in the market for a magnetic whiteboard easel, check out this one for less than $20!

Use this deal on Expo markers to stock up for a while!

Or, if you would rather have a bunch of colors, this Expo set might be the sale you’re after.

I think these dry erase squares look fun! I could think of a ton of ways that these could be useful in class. If you think of something, let me know!

These dry erase spinners also look fun! I’m all about multi-use items in the classroom, so blank spinners like these are right up my alley. With the Black Friday deal, they come out to a little over $1.00 each.

If you’re looking for laminating pouches, this 200 pack is a great deal for Black Friday.

If you have a magnetic VIPKid classroom, then neodymium magnets are ESSENTIAL. I always have good luck finding neo magnets on Amazon, but the “best deal” changes from time to time. As of right now, this pack has the lowest cost per unit for 6×2 (which is the size I use).


This magnet set is a great deal! The little storage box has a magnetic whiteboard lid and you could create all sorts of mixed-up animals as a reward!

I know a few students who would love to see a Baby Shark puppet in my classroom!

How cute is this build-a-flower set??? I am tempted to buy these for my daughter and then borrow them to use as a reward in class. I think my students would love to build a flower!

Building a car could also be a fun reward! These mix-and-match wooden vehicles look like a lot of fun and they are less than ten dollars for the set! You could let them choose the wheel color, then body color, and then a driver.

I love using toys like these as rewards because they can easily rotate into my kids’ toy box when I get tired of using them in class.

Let’s make a salad! This salad set is on sale and it would make a fun prop for the salad trial lesson.

If you’ve been around here for a while, then you know that I love to use BrainBox as a reward with my students (check out this post to see what it’s all about). It’s hard to find this in stores, so I’ll be watching for online sales of this game for you! You can check it out on Amazon if you’re interested.

This game is on sale and I’m so excited about it! I have a few students who would absolutely LOVE being grossed out by this. A speech pathologist at one of my previous schools used this in her therapy sessions and the kids LOVED picking things out of his ears and nose and identifying them. (“Teacher, please pick the left nostril” sounds like an awesome extension to me!)


If you’re on the hunt for a sit-to-stand desk but you don’t have a large space to work with, check out this Black Friday deal on Amazon.

Here is another option for a standing desk if you use a laptop! This is VERY affordable (less than $30).

If you struggle with wifi coverage in your home, consider investing in mesh! The eero mesh system from Amazon gets really good reviews and several different packages are on sale this weekend. I like the looks of this one because each of the devices also have ethernet ports if you prefer to hardwire.

All you do is plug one of the devices into your existing router and then the eero devices communicate with each other so that you can have strong wifi throughout your home.

We all know how chilly it can be in the mornings! I’ll be watching for great deals on long-sleeved goodies. Here’s an orange zip-up that is already a great deal on Amazon.

Are you in the market for a new computer? You can get this MacBook Air for $300 off!


There are so many talented online ESL teachers that love to share printables, teacher swag, and other goodies with us! I hope that you can support some of these small businesses during Black Friday weekend. Here are the sales that I’ve heard about so far:

The awesome Teacher Janice let me know that her TPT shop, Cook Family Resources, will be having a sale during Black Friday weekend! They have all sorts of great printable props, rewards, and even some classroom decor. Keep your eyes peeled for the sale details…coming soon!

Everyone’s buddy, Teacher Lauren, will also be hosting a sale in her TPT shop, Wedded Mommy Bliss. If you follow her on Instagram, she shares how she uses some of the goodies in her TPT shop while teaching ESL online. If you’re a brick and mortar teacher, you’ll definitely want to take a look at her awesome printables!

Sweet Teacher Laila’s new Dragonfly Shop is definitely one to watch! She designs fun teacher gear and has some fun fall looks right now. I’m excited to see what she comes up with next!

Speaking of which, Teacher Laila has recently opened an Etsy shop. This is where you will find some adorable Christmas looks! Her shop will be 20% off for Black Friday.

If you hang out on Instagram, you probably know @vipkidguy (aka Devin). But you might NOT know that Teacher Devin’s family owns Sweet Girl Bath and Body, a natural skin care company. They will be having a Black Friday sale and I definitely plan to scope it out! (I’ve been trying to go the all-natural route since my battle with cancer a couple of years ago.)

Teacher Alexis of has TWO sales coming up!

The first sale is actually coming prior to Black Friday, to give you plenty of time to receive your shirts and sweatshirts prior to Christmas. She will have select items in her Etsy shop on sale Friday, November 22nd. Be sure to check it out here. I absolutely love her “b is for baobao” shirt and not-so-secretly hope it will be one of the sale items!

Her TpT store will be having a 20% off sale from November 29th to December 1st. Alexis has great printables; I love her new birthday cake/candle bundle!

Here’s a deal that you can check out right now: Teacher Lyly has her Etsy shop on sale ALL month! Just use the code BLACKFRIDAY for 10% off. You can also use this link. Her shop has all sorts of fun 2D rewards!

Everyone’s favorite glitter star queen, Teacher Angie, is having a 25%-off sale on select items in her Etsy shop, which you can find here. (Check out the photo above to see which styles are included.) This will be on Black Friday only, so don’t forget to check out the sale on the big day!

The ever-so-fun Teacher Amanda will be having a sale in her Etsy shop. Not only will she have 25% off her ENTIRE store on Black Friday, but she will have a whopping 50% off digital downloads on Cyber Monday! Amanda has all sorts of awesome rewards, props, and teaching tools. Be sure to check them out!

Looking to spice up your background? Teacher Kimberly sells some adorable digital files that you can have printed at Vistaprint or another printing shop. Her designs are 20% off through Cyber Monday. Check out her shop here.

Do you have a shop for online ESL teachers?

I’d love to feature your Black Friday sale on this post! Just click the button below to send me a message.

I hope that I have saved you time AND money with this collection of Black Friday deals for online ESL teachers! I wish you and your family a happy holiday season!