10 Gifts a Fan of Gilmore Girls Will Love!

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Ten Gifts That a Fan of Gilmore Girls Will Love

Since we’re still getting to know each other, I’ll give you another little fact about me:  I LOVE Gilmore girls. (Like…a lot.)

I have had Gilmore girls on the brain since the revival was released on Netflix last week, so my first compilation of holiday gift ideas was bound to be…


1. Coffee Mug

Clearly, since Lorelai and Rory can’t live without coffee, you can find many Gilmore girls-inspired mugs that sport awesome quotes from the show.  This is one of my favorites.

2. Tunes From The Show

Any show that uses a Carole King song for a theme song is bound to have great music throughout.  Gilmore girls is no exception. “Our Little Corner of the World: Music From Gilmore Girls” has the theme song, cues, and other music from the show.

3. Gilmore Quote T-Shirt

Since this series is chock full of witty banter and one-liners, it is no surprise that there are Gilmore quote t-shirts for DAYS.  Oy, with the poodles already!

4. Doose’s Market Tote Bag

A lot of GG fans would appreciate being able to haul their groceries home in a Doose’s Market shopping tote, so this is a great gift idea.  Even better, you could fill it with some groceries that a GG fan would appreciate:  Pop Tarts, corn starch, and Mallomars.

5. Proust

You can buy the die-hard GG fan in your life their very own copy of Proust so they can do what Lorelai couldn’t.  BUT…you might not want to gift all seven volumes of “In Search of Lost Time” at once, just in case they end up tackling Proust more like Lorelai than Rory.

6. Pillow

Watch a few episodes of Gilmore girls and you’ll notice that Lorelai and Rory can’t seem to watch TV without a throw pillow or two.  Your GG fan will appreciate this throw pillow cover with the theme song lyrics.

7. Team T-Shirt

In addition to the quote t-shirts, you can also buy your GG fan the team shirt of their choice.  Logan?  Dean? Jess?  I’m Team Jess, all the way.

8. Luke’s Baseball Cap

Although Luke prefers his caps plain blue, the GG fan in your life would enjoy a baseball cap with the Luke’s Diner logo.

9. Lauren Graham’s Autobiography

You really can’t watch Gilmore Girls without growing to love Lauren Graham.  I haven’t read her book yet, but I think it would be a fun read!

10.  And just in case…

I know that you can watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix, but we’ve all learned the hard way that things don’t stay on Netflix forever.  If your friend or loved one is a true die-hard fan, they would definitely love to have their own copy of the series on DVD (if they don’t have it already!).

Happy shopping!